Lottery player misses jackpot but still wins big. ‘There’s a party going on right here’

An Arkansas man celebrated his $1 million lottery win singing Kool and The Gang’s hit song “Celebration.”

“Have you ever heard of Kool and the Gang? ‘There’s a party going on right here,’” he sang as he picked up his prize at the claim center Feb. 2, lottery officials said.

He narrowly missed the Powerball jackpot during the Jan. 6 drawing, the Arkansas lottery said. His computer-generated numbers got all of the numbers correct except for Powerball number 13, his lucky number.

He purchased the ticket in a Kroger in Little Rock while running errands, lottery officials said. The man plays the lottery often, sometimes purchasing tickets from different places multiple times each day, according to officials.

The man didn’t realize he won until his girlfriend checked the numbers, according to officials. He doesn’t plan to share the big news with anyone else.

He plans to use the winnings to purchase a new home, he told lottery officials. The man and his girlfriend are ”dog enthusiasts,” and their current apartment does not allow pets, the Arkansas lottery said.

The Powerball jackpot will rise to $228 million after the drawing on Wednesday, Feb. 7, Arkansas lottery officials say.

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