Lou Ferrigno Shows Off His Ripped Physique at Age 70

Long before Eric Bana, Edward Norton or Mark Ruffalo, there was one actor that an entire generation associated with the Incredible Hulk from Marvel Comics: Lou Ferrigno, the swole actor who played the raging green character on TV from 1977 to 1982. It's been 30 years since The Incredible Hulk went off the air, but Ferrigno, now 70, has kept his gains going, as proven in a recent Instagram post.

"I've been training for 58 years," he wrote in the caption for the photo, in which he shows off his impressive build, including a pumped chest and shredded abs. "Proud to still be able to maintain my physique by staying dedicated at almost 71 years old!"

That dedication is something Ferrigno touched on in a conversation with Men's Health in 2021, where he elaborated on his strict approach to training. "I'm not at a bar. I'm not at a nightclub. I'm not at a boardwalk on the beach. I'm at a gym," he said. "The gym is where you fix your body, you get in shape, you take care of yourself."

Prior to playing the first on-screen Hulk, Ferrigno was of course already a huge name in the world of professional bodybuilding, having featured in the iconic documentary Pumping Iron as well as being a two-time winner of the prestigious title of Mr. Universe. But as he revealed last year, comic book characters have always played a role in his fitness journey.

"When I was young, I had the hearing issue and the speech impediment. My father was abusive, so I was obsessed with power," he told Men's Health. "I would read the Hulk comic books, the Superman comics. I fantasized about being stronger than anybody else. I just loved strength."

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