Louder Than Life: Enough with the Puritanical nonsense. Let's rock this mundane neighborhood.

After The Courier Journal published a column about the stage set-ups for Bourbon and Beyond and Louder Than Life and complaints in the form of letters to the editor from community members, we got a few letters from the "Loudmouths" in the neighborhood. Below are a sampling of those letters.

Make Louder than Life LOUDER

We have entered the era of an obnoxious new Louisville tradition, complaining about the volume levels of Bourbon and Beyond and/or Louder than Life. I live in Audubon, and I love the noise from these two great events. Each September, you can catch me in my backyard, beer in one hand, garden hose in the other tending to my plants as I sing “Say it ain't sooooo-ew-oh-ew-oh” along with Weezer.

However, with each passing year, the onslaught of self-centered, mind-numbing complaints increases. “They keep my kids up on a school night.” Two days a year, get over it. Every other day, for 10 months out of the year, I am awakened by the screeching of school bus brakes taking these same sleep deprived children to school. We all gotta make sacrifices for others from time to time. “Point the speakers the other direction,” why? So that the people living in the South End must deal with yet another inconvenience we push their way to keep it away from our quiet nimby neighborhood? “I enjoy music and a show as much as the next person but…” Do you? Or do you just know you sound like a fuddy-duddy stick-in-the-mud and want to preemptively blanket yourself in a false claim of “with it” hipness? “The cursing?” Don’t even get me started on this Puritanical nonsense.You have to wonder if these events were happening in the South or West End, would these poor, highly sensitive ears be as attuned to those complaints as they demand everyone else be about their “hardship”? I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that I doubt it. I purpose that Danny Wimmer Presents make both festivals louder. Especially, Bourbon and Beyond which should be just as loud as Louder than Life, but for some reason isn’t. Because I personally thank both festivals for making our mundane neighborhood and lives LOUDER for 8 days a year.

Nick Winslow, 40217

Weezer fans surfed the crowd at the Louder Than Life music festival on Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023
Weezer fans surfed the crowd at the Louder Than Life music festival on Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023

Letters: I dread Louder Than Life and the noise it brings. Louisville should pay us for keeping us up.

Louder Than Life is a minor annoyance

I've been here for over two years, and this is my second Louder Than Life experience. I live two blocks from Preston, a few streets from the venue….and last year it was amazing how well I could hear everything! And everything it brings to the Louisville area more than makes up for what amounts to a minor annoyance! This year I can barely hear any of the music, just some bass every now and then. It's nowhere near as horrible as people are claiming! How about let this city do what it needs to do for our economy?!

Louisiana Transplant, 40213

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This article originally appeared on Louisville Courier Journal: Make Louder Than Life Louder. For the economy and mundane neighborhood