Louise Thompson "shocked" by Instagram removing baby bump photo

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Louise Thompson was left "shocked" after a photo of her baby bump was temporarily removed by Instagram for going against community guidelines.

Louise and her partner Ryan Libbey announced their pregnancy in May and ever since, have been keeping fans in the loop with how their pregnancy journey is progressing. Recently, the couple revealed the sweet news that they'll be welcoming a baby boy.

The Made In Chelsea star regularly gives followers updates on the symptoms she's experiencing and posts photos of her bump, and it's this kind of pic which was removed from her feed.

The image in question was shared by Louise on Instagram Stories, and showed her naked in bed, covering up her breasts with the focus of the caption being her growing stomach.

"Time to get this big old belly up," Louise said, adding: "I have an NHS growth scan this morning to make sure our baby is getting enough nutrients during my third trimester ulcerative colitis."

Photo credit: Louise Thompson/ Instagram
Photo credit: Louise Thompson/ Instagram

However, in a later story, the mum-to-be shared a screenshot which stated that her previous picture had been removed because - according to Instagram - it goes against community guidelines related to "adult sexual solicitation."

"We've removed your story because it goes against our community guidelines on nudity or sexual activity. Our guidelines are based on our global community, and some audiences may be sensitive to different things," Instagram told Louise.

Louise shared a screen grab of Instagram's decision, adding that she was "Shocked that Instagram removed a story of my pregnant body because it goes against community guidelines."

Photo credit: Louise Thompson/ Instagram
Photo credit: Louise Thompson/ Instagram

She went on to apologise to anyone who might have taken issue with her image. "Soz if anyone found that offensive," she said.

It's since turned out the image shouldn't have been deleted, after all.

“Louise’s Story was reported by other users and removed in error but we very quickly restored it. This kind of image is absolutely allowed on Instagram and we’re sorry for the mistake," a Facebook company spokesperson told Cosmopolitan UK.

As for Louise? She's busy preparing for the birth of her little one and shortly after the removal of the image, told followers she'd just attended an NCT class via Zoom to learn more about labour and new motherhood.

We're excited for Louise to welcome her bundle of joy into the world - think of the cute baby pics that are incoming...

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