Louisiana campaign paying $15/hr to go door-to-door to help with vaccination efforts

A major state-wide campaign is about to start to get folks in the lowest vaccinated areas-their COVID-19 shots.

Video Transcript

KENNY LOPEZ: Door to door, neighborhood by neighborhood, neighbor to neighbor. Together Louisiana is hiring canvassers for the Vaccine Equity Project. The goal? To turn the lowest vaccinated areas into the highest vaccinated areas.

SHANTELL ROSS: A few that have not that are afraid to get it because they're thinking they may get sick. But that shouldn't matter.

KENNY LOPEZ: It's about getting the word out. The canvassers Together Louisiana is looking to hire will get paid $15 an hour and work in high risk neighborhoods to schedule vaccine appointments.

SHANTELL ROSS: Vaccination should be able to help us all.

KENNY LOPEZ: Shantell Ross and Jimmy James live in Century City, an area hit hard by COVID-19 and an area canvassers will target.

JIMMY JAMES: People that I know has had the virus. And it hit me very, very hard to know that.

SHANTELL ROSS: It was important for me to get vaccinated because I myself is ill. And I get the vaccination so that I wouldn't get the corona and be more sick than I am.

KENNY LOPEZ: They feel a campaign like this is not only giving people jobs. It is also getting information to neighbors who need it most right now, making vaccinations easier.

SHANTELL ROSS: But if we all get vaccinated, what a wonderful world this will be.

KENNY LOPEZ: These vaccine canvasing jobs are between 30 and 40 hours a week. And they're just temporary for up to about three months. The jobs start next week. Kenny Lopez, WGNO News.