'We Love AJ': Bishop Feehan & North Attleboro Dedicate Hockey Game To Injured AJ Quetta

This rivalry game was different than years past. The two teams were wearing the same warmup jerseys, honoring Bishop Feehan's AJ Cuetta. WBZ-TV's Nick Emmons reports.

Video Transcript

- --was a special hockey game in Attleboro tonight to help Bishop Feehan hockey player AJ Quetta. Quetta was paralyzed during a game last month, you might recall. So tonight, his teammates at Bishop Feehan and crosstown rival North Attleboro squared off to raise money. WBZ's Nick Emmons was at the game in Attleboro tonight.

NICK EMMONS: From the moment these two teams took the ice, it was obvious this rivalry game would be different from years past. North Attleboro and Bishop Feehan wearing the same warm-up jerseys, honoring Bishop Feehan's AJ Quetta.

BEN MCMANAMA: It's important for us to go out there to support him in any way we know how to, and this is how we know how to do it.

NICK EMMONS: The senior suffered a spinal cord injury last month, and is now receiving treatment at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. AJ's mom and two sisters greeted with hugs and flowers on the ice before the game.

KEVIN DUNN: They all came to the understanding that what would AJ do in this situation? And he'd say, go play.

NICK EMMONS: Earlier in the day, a major sign of hope. AJ sent this video to his teammates and supporters.

AJ QUETTA: Thank you, everybody. It means a whole lot.

BETTY ANN BARRERA: Seeing that message tonight meant so much to these boys. They're really pulling for him.

NICK EMMONS: His injuries sent shockwaves through the hockey community, with the Boston Bruins players showing their support.

BILL BARRERA: When you see this type of a situation, it hits home. And it's been hard for parents.

NICK EMMONS: A GoFundMe has now raised more than $900,000 for AJ's family.

- And seeing all the money that people are raising has been really phenomenal.

NICK EMMONS: In the end, Bishop Feehan came out on top. For both teams, maybe it wasn't so much about the score, but the message to AJ.

CHARLIE CONNOLY: We love AJ. We were there to support him. We still wanted to have a great game, clean game. They brought it, too. So overall, it was a good game.

- AJ's such a great kid. And he's always the funniest kid in the room, and I love that kid to death.

JACOB NOEL: We're rivals. It's just-- and we had to win this for AJ. Because he's always-- he always put 110% in all these games.

- Buddy, we did it for you. Everything we did this year is for you, and I love you.

NICK EMMONS: An end to a difficult season that has brought teammates and even rivals closer together.

RIZAL AHMED: They know they're going to see him back. And we're all in it, not just for this week or the month, but for the long haul. We're going to be behind that family forever.

NICK EMMONS: And for the Bishop Feehan seniors, tonight was the last game they'll play in a school uniform. And they did it with AJ's name on their backs. In Attleboro, I'm Nick Emmons, WBZ News.