‘Love, beauty, magic’ -New York peacocks to retire

STORY: These will be the last peacocks to roam the cathedral grounds, a tradition that started in 1972.

"These peacocks were a gift from an eighth grade class 21 years ago," said Lisa Schubert, VP of programming and external relations at Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Friday (January 20).

"They arrived here as little babies. And then as they grew older, they just took ownership of the grounds and captured the imagination of everyone. So after 21 years, we just started thinking that they needed more care and more attention than we could give them at the cathedral. So the time had come to find a place that could do that, and we learned about Animal Nation and are so sad and happy that they'll be moving there."

Phil is a white peacock and Jim and Harry are Indian Blue peacocks. Harry was found with a mangled foot one morning a couple of months ago and is already at Animal Nation, an animal sanctuary that's completely run by volunteers in South Salem, New York, a little over an hour from the cathedral.