'Love Is Blind’s Bliss and Zack are expecting their first child: 'I'm really happy'

"Love Is Blind" couple Bliss Poureetezadi-Goytowski and Zack Goytowski are expecting their first child together.

The Season Four couple revealed the happy news in a Nov. 21, interview with People, in which Bliss said pregnancy is both a "beautiful" and "nerve-wracking" experience.

“Babies are miracles and blessings, and I think we’ve been so open to sharing our journey and our relationship with the world, and this is our next big beautiful thing," Bliss said.

Zach and Bliss in season 4 of
Zach and Bliss in season 4 of

"I’m really happy and I hope that it brings joy to other people. It’s definitely brought us a ton of joy," she added.

The couple said the pregnancy was planned. Still, she said the positive result came as a "surprise" to her.

"I found out early in the morning while Zack was sleeping and it was shocking," she said. "It was like, does that really say positive? What is happening? It was definitely probably one of the most surreal moments of my life.”

She revealed the news with a cake that said, "I Love You Dad."

“There were tears that came to his eyes and it was a very happy moment,” she recalled.

Zach and Bliss in season 4 of
Zach and Bliss in season 4 of

Zack, on his end, said he feels "incredibly happy."

The couple are planning a gender reveal for the little one, though say "whatever gender it is, it will be very loved.”

Speaking to TODAY.com after the season was filmed, Bliss said she felt like Zack was "her person" the moment they met.

“I ... felt like I loved this person. I felt like this was my person,” she said, adding that they had "intense chemistry."

Their love story hit a road bump when Zack decided to get engaged to another Season Four contestant, Irina Solomonova. Zack and Irina's relationship deteriorated during the honeymoon period, leading to them calling off the engagement. Zack then got back in touch with Bliss.

Reflecting on her now husband's journey, Bliss advised audience members to "(allow) people to trust their intuition. People know what’s right for them. And (give) grace because we’ve all needed it."

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