'Love Is Blind' couples now: Who's still together in 2024?

'Love Is Blind' couples now: Who's still together in 2024?
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Since "Love Is Blind" premiered in February 2020, it has become a cultural phenomenon and one of the biggest reality shows in the world.

So far, ten couples have said "I do" on the show and eight are still together today. Some of the success stories, like Season Three's Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux and Season Four's Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi, are even expecting their first child.

With the arrival of Season Six, out Feb. 14, fans will meet a new group of contestants who signed up for the dating experiment. In the first six episodes of this season, multiple contestants fell in love in the pods before traveling to the Dominican Republic to test their relationships in the real world.

Season Six might be the most drama-filled season so far. There were four love triangles, a few blindsides and some romantic proposals. By Episode Six, five couples left the pods engaged and met each other for the first time face-to-face during their international getaway.

Will these Season Six contestants join the other happy couples in the "Love Is Blind" family? You'll have to wait until the finale on March 6 to find out.

Until then, read on to learn more about Season Six couples and find out the current relationship status of all the contestants who have gotten engaged on “Love Is Blind.”

Season 1 Couples

Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton

Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton. (NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton. (NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

What happened on the show: The Hamiltons are one of the most beloved couples to come from “Love Is Blind.” Although Lauren expressed a couple doubts throughout the season, her connection with Cameron was undeniable. The season ended with them saying “I do.”

Relationship status: They are still together. They spoke about being madly in love in their “After the Altar” special and they gush about their relationship on Instagram.

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett. (Marcus Ingram / Getty Images for Netflix)
Amber Pike and Matt Barnett. (Marcus Ingram / Getty Images for Netflix)

What happened on the show: Amber and Barnett had a rocky start on their season. Barnett initially flirted with contestant Jessica Batten in the pods and later the couple had difficult conversations about their finances. They worked through their problems and tied the knot in Season One.

Relationship status: They are still together, though continued to be involved with drama during the “After the Altar” special.

Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton

Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton in Season One of
Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton in Season One of

What happened on the show: The bond between Diamond and Carlton quickly fizzled. They had an explosive argument during the couples’ getaway to Mexico. Diamond took off her ring and the two went their separate ways after the spat.

Relationship status: They broke up. Carlton apologized for his behavior during the reunion, but he later rehashed their disagreement during “After the Altar.”

Giannina Milady Gibelli and Damian Powers

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers. (Rachel Luna / Getty Images)
Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers. (Rachel Luna / Getty Images)

What happened on the show: Giannina proposed to Damian in the pod and the two seemed to have a solid foundation. But, after constant bickering, Damian broke up with Giannina at the altar. She left the venue and ran through the woods in her wedding dress, sobbing. During the reunion, Damian and Giannina shocked viewers when they revealed they were giving their relationship a second chance.

Relationship status: They broke up. Most of the drama at the “After the Altar” special involved Giannina and Damian disagreeing about him bringing “Too Hot to Handle” and "Perfect Match" star Francesca Farago as a date to the “Love Is Blind” reunion party.

Reports surfaced in January 2022 that she had started dating “The Bachelorette” star Blake Horstmann. The two met while filming a Paramount+ reality show called “All Star Shore.” The couple confirmed in November 2023 they are expecting their first child together.

They announced the news in a joint Instagram post Nov. 14. In the snaps, Blake cradled and kissed Giannina’s baby bump.

“First comes love, then comes baby H,” they said in the caption. “We’re so grateful that life has led us here and over the moon to be parents to our sweet baby come spring 2024!”

Giannina also spoke about becoming a mom in an interview with People.

"We’d already hear, ‘You’re going to be such a good mom and dad,’ I think because we both give off nurturing vibes,” she said. “Yet, there’s obviously still that feeling of ‘Am I going to do it right?’ No one gives you a manual and there is so much we don’t know, but we’re excited to do this together as a team."

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas in Season One of
Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas in Season One of

What happened on the show: Jessica and Mark got engaged despite Jessica having lingering feelings for Barnett. The two faced difficulties, with their 10-year age gap often coming up in conversation (Jessica, a decade older than Mark, felt they were in different stages). Jessica ending her engagement with Mark on their wedding day.

Relationship status: They broke up. Jessica and Mark are both happily in new relationships. Jessica previously announced that she was engaged to fiancé, Benjamin McGrath. The two married in September 2022, according to People. Jessica shared in January 2023 that the newlyweds are expecting their first child together. Meanwhile, Mark has welcomed two boys with wife Aubrey Cuevas. US Weekly reports that the two married on Sept. 4.

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes
 (@kennybarnes11 via Instagram, Netflix)
Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes (@kennybarnes11 via Instagram, Netflix)

What happened on the show: Throughout Season One, Kelly and Kenny were not featured as much as the other couples. Their connection appeared to be solid, though Kelly spoke about a lack of passion.

Relationship status: They broke up. Kelly decided to break up with Kenny at the altar. After she left, he gave a speech to her family and thanked them for coming. Now, Kelly has expanded her business and hosts a podcast. Kenny and his wife Alexandra Garrison tied the knot in April.

Season 2 Couples

Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee and Deepti Vempati

Deepti Vempati and Abhishek 'Shake' Chatterjee in Season Two of
Deepti Vempati and Abhishek 'Shake' Chatterjee in Season Two of

What happened on the show: In early scenes on "Love Is Blind," Shake tried to guess contestants’ weights in the pods by asking the women if he would be able to pick them up. From there, though, he seemed to open up and become more likable after he proposed to Deepti. Throughout the season, Shake told multiple contestants that he doubted his physical chemistry with Deepti, but he did not share his concerns with her.

Relationship status: They broke up. At their wedding, Deepti ended her relationship with Shake. "I’m choosing myself and I’m going to say ‘no,’” she said. During the reunion, Shake made excuses for his behavior on the show and started a feud with “Love Is Blind” co-host Nick Lachey. He does not appear in the trailer for the upcoming “After the Altar,” but a few scenes suggest that sparks are flying between Deepti and fellow Season Two alum Kyle Abrams.

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl in Season Two of
Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl in Season Two of

What happened on the show: Danielle and Nick were the first pair to get engaged and say “I do” during the finale. There was some tension in their relationship as the two wondered if their lifestyles were too different. But they agreed to get married. “As you’ve unfortunately come to learn, I am the most indecisive person in the world,” Danielle told Nick during her vows. “And the only clear decision that I’ve ever had has been you. I do, absolutely.”

Relationship status: They broke up. Danielle filed for divorce, per documents obtained by TODAY.com. Danielle and Nick both publicly spoke about their separation on Instagram after "After the Altar" aired.

"It has taken some time to publicly speak about my marriage ending, as emotions are still raw. However, I will always appreciate those who have followed my journey and continue to support me throughout this entire experience," Danielle said. In a post that went up hours after hers, Nick described the last few weeks after the special aired as "challenging."

"Everyone perceives and experiences grief differently when a relationship ends, let alone the loss of a marriage in the public eye. I’m working through my own mental and emotional challenges to overcome feelings of anxiety and depression," he said.

Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee

Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee in Season Two of
Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee in Season Two of

What happened on the show: Shayne and Natalie seemed like they were one of the couples that were guaranteed to walk away from the show as husband and wife. But, Natalie revealed on their wedding day that she had a fight with Shayne the night before.

Relationship status: They broke up. At the altar, Natalie told him they had to work through their issues and that she could not marry him. Shayne confronted Natalie outside of the venue and walked away from the conversation.  During the “After the Altar” special, Natalie confirmed the two were done for good because she could not handle Shayne allegedly lying about his friendship with Shaina.

Salvador Perez and Mallory Zapata

Salvador Perez and Mallory Zapata in Season Two of
Salvador Perez and Mallory Zapata in Season Two of

What happened on the show: Both Sal and Mallory were unsure about the stability of their relationship throughout the season. Mallory's sister voiced her skepticism after meeting the couple and did not attend their wedding.

Relationship status: They broke up. After sharing their vows, Sal revealed that he could not marry Mallory. They left the door open for a potential reconciliation, but they officially separated by the time the reunion was filmed. During “After the Altar," Sal invited his new girlfriend to join the rest of the cast for Natalie's birthday celebration.

Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely

Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely in Season Two of
Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely in Season Two of

What happened on the show: Jarrette and Iyanna relationship began on shaky ground. Jarrette originally wanted to propose to Mallory, but she rejected him. He later popped the question to Iyanna and she said “yes.” They grew closer throughout the season, but Iyanna repeatedly wondered if she was a second option for Jarrette.

Relationship status: They broke up. In August, Iyanna and Jarrette released a joint statement on Instagram that announced they were filing for a divorce. “While we have love for each other, our lives are going in different directions, and that’s okay,” they wrote. “Coming to this decision was far from easy and we will always wish each other the absolute best.”

Kyle Abrams and Shaina Hurley

Kyle Abrams and Shaina Hurley in Season Two of
Kyle Abrams and Shaina Hurley in Season Two of

What happened on the show: Kyle was convinced that his connection with Shaina was unbreakable, but she was not as sure. Shaina had formed a relationship with Shayne in the pods, but she still accepted Kyle's proposal. Days later, Shaina left Kyle during their vacation in Mexico and returned to the United States alone. After introducing Kyle to her family, she realized their views on religion and other core values were too difficult to overcome.

Relationship status: They broke up. Shaina and Kyle split following an intense conversation on the Chicago Riverwalk about their beliefs. Kyle's budding romance with Deepti was featured in the “After the Altar” special. Hurley tied the knot with husband Christos Lardakis before the special aired.

Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams

Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams (Netflix)
Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams (Netflix)

What happened on the show: Kyle and Deepti connected in the pods but ended up becoming engaged to other people. “We got really near the end of it was kind of between me and Shake for her,” Kyle told TODAY.com. Their relationship unfolded after the cameras stopped rolling. Kyle explained they hung out every day and became "good friends." Instagram posts together spurred dating rumors.

Relationship status: They made their relationship official in the "After the Altar" special, but later broke up. Kyle announced in April 2023 on Instagram that he is engaged to girlfriend Tania Deleanos.

Season 3 Couples

Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden

Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden (Netflix)
Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden (Netflix)

What happened on the show: Nancy shared a few meaningful conversations with Andrew Liu in the pods and Bartise seemed to be attracted to Raven Ross’s personality and interests. However, Nancy and Bartise quickly realized that they had a better connection.

Despite her initial concern about Bartise being younger than her, Nancy could not deny their chemistry. They expressed their love for each other and she accepted his proposal.

Relationship status: They broke up. Nancy said "I do" at the altar but Bartise rejected her. He later explained that he was concerned about some of their differences and he did not feel comfortable getting married. He also argued with her brother and mother when they asked for an explanation.

Although he seemed open to continuing a relationship, Nancy shut him down. She said that they could not recover and she felt like he led her on. She officially ended their relationship.

"He blindsided me," she told the cameras when she was alone. "There’s no point to love someone who doesn’t love me."

When the two discussed their relationship at the reunion, Nancy revealed she saw on social media that Bartise moved on quickly after they called it quits.

During the "After the Altar" special, the two were more cordial. They initially agreed to be friends, but Nancy later said she did not see the benefit in building a friendship with Bartise.

She confirmed in an interview with TODAY.com that she no longer has a relationship with her former fiancé. She said she is looking for love on a dating app and focusing on finding a partner who shares her values and understands her culture.

In April 2023, Bartise revealed on Instagram that he is now the proud father of baby boy.

Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux

Brennon Lemieux and Alexa Alfia in Season Three of
Brennon Lemieux and Alexa Alfia in Season Three of

What happened on the show: Alexa and Brennon were locked in on each other during their first conversation. The two bonded over their shared family values and their similar sense of humor.

Although they do not share the same faith, Alexa and Brennon were both open to listening and learning about each other’s cultural and religious backgrounds. After Alexa said she would marry Brennon, she ran into his arms during their first meeting and they shared a long embrace.

Relationship status: They are still together. Alexa and Brennon were not shown arguing in any of episodes and it seemed like they were both confident about their connection. During his vows, he pledged his love to her and said their love would be "never-ending."

"Before our friends, family and the world, I pledge my love and my life to you, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. I will not possess you for we belong to ourselves. I will not command you, for you are free. But I promise you I will serve you. I will protect you. I will love you, respect and honor you, from this day, until my last. These things I swear," he said in his vows.

They exchanged "I dos" and shared a few kisses. After the ceremony, they toasted their marriage and celebrated being husband and wife.

The newlyweds were still blissfully happy as they reunited with their other cast members for the reunion and the "After the Altar" special.

Alexa and Brennon shared in January 2024 that they will soon become parents. In a joint Instagram post, they revealed that they are expecting a baby Lemieux after experiencing a difficult pregnancy journey.

"After a while, I really believed I may never see those two pink lines and have a baby of my own that would one day call me mama. They say when you least expect it, it will happen. This journey has been one of the hardest things I have ever been through, but it was worth the wait," Alexa wrote in the caption.

Raven Ross and Sikiru “SK” Alagbada

Raven Ross and SK Alagbada  (Netflix)
Raven Ross and SK Alagbada (Netflix)

What happened on the show: The relationship between Raven and SK began as a slow burn in the pods. Raven initially entertained her connection with Bartise, but she soon realized that they were not compatible. She shifted her focus to SK and surprised herself when she shed a few tears during their conversations. When SK asked if Raven would marry him, she cheered “Yessir!”

Relationship status: They broke up ... twice. The two exchanged heartfelt vows at their ceremony and SK said he loved Raven. But, he revealed at the altar that he could not marry her. Raven cried and returned to her dressing room as SK explained they had too many unanswered questions in their relationship.

He said he was concerned about his upcoming move to California for grad school as well as the lack of support from her family, who did not attend their nuptials.

SK's mother visited Raven after the wedding and said she loved her. Raven continued to shed tears as she told the cameras she had planned to marry SK, later saying she was "shocked" by the decision in an interview with People.

Then, during the reunion, we learned they got back together. Less than two weeks later, the pair called it quits again. Following cheating rumors on social media, Raven and SK announced their split in identical statements.

They both uploaded a message on their Instagram stories that said, "We are saddened to announce that we have decided to go our separate ways. Due to on-going legal proceedings surrounding these allegations, we cannot provide additional details and ask that you please respect our privacy during this hard time."

Raven and SK also thanked fans for following and supporting their love story.

In the "After the Altar" special, SK and Raven explained how they worked hard on their relationship after he could not say "I do." Viewers watched SK plan a romantic second proposal for Ross who accepted.

The special ended with a recorded message from Raven who confirmed their engagement ended because SK cheated.

In February 2023, Raven spoke to TODAY.com about the split and remaining "delusionally optimistic" about finding love in the future.

Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett

Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey   (  / Netflix)
Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey ( / Netflix)

What happened on the show: After a few conversations, Zanab and Cole revealed their vulnerable sides to each other. Zanab opened up about losing both her parents at a young age which made him tear up. He charmed her with his humor and his honesty about why his first marriage ended. Cole spent time getting to know Colleen Reed as well, but he ended their romantic connection when he decided to pursue a relationship with Zanab and propose to her.

Relationship status: Zanab and Cole broke up. Following their heated argument in Episode 10, it seemed obvious that they would not get married.

Zanab was frazzled as she prepared to walk down the aisle. Despite saying that she loved Cole and was thankful for their time together, she said she was not the type of woman who could love him the way he wanted.

"You have disrespected me. You have insulted me. You have critiqued me. And for what it is worth you have single-handedly shattered my self confidence. And I hate that you have had that kind of effect on me. And the messed up thing is that I know I love you," she told her fiancé at the altar.

She left the ceremony and Cole watched as her guests departed. He cried and shared it was "one of the worst experiences of my life.”

He wondered why Zanab had not previously voiced her unhappiness. "She chose now because she knew it would hurt more in front of all my friends and family," he said.

During the reunion, Zanab and the rest of the cast called out Cole for damaging her self-esteem throughout their relationship. She also claimed that he commented on her eating habits and negatively affected her body image.

He denied intentionally hurting her or judging her body in interviews after the show. The two had a civil conversation in the "After the Altar" special and Cole apologized for how he treated her during their engagement.

Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton

Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed i (Netflix)
Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed i (Netflix)

What happened on the show: When viewers met Colleen in Season Three, she was developing connections with Brennon and Cole. But, Brennon told Colleen that he did not see a future with her. Then, Colleen and Cole went their separate ways after she shared that she typically does not have “deep” conversations with her significant others. Colleen sobbed and thought the experiment was over until she decided to give Matt a second chance. Matt spoke about being heartbroken after his first wife cheated on him and the importance of marriage. Reed quickly fell in love and enthusiastically agreed to marry him.

Relationship status:  They are still together. Matt told his friends that he would not make his final decision until he watched Colleen walk down the aisle.

He cried as he saw her in her wedding dressed and professed his love for her. Colleen said she had been searching for a best friend and she thought Matt was her person. "Matty, I do," she said when asked if she wanted to marry Matt. "No matter what I will be there for you. I love you so much.”

He complimented Colleen for helping him become vulnerable again and and said "I do." All their guests applauded as the couple danced. They later showed off their rings to the camera.

During "After the Altar," Colleen opened up to the other ladies about her marital struggles with Matt. She said the two of them overcame multiple issues during the first six months of their marriage.

Colleen revealed that she still does not live with her husband. The couple first mentioned staying in separate apartments during the reunion.

However, the two said that saying "I do" and taking a chance on their relationship makes them want to keep working on their marriage. They ended the special optimistically looking ahead to their future together and eventually moving into their first home.

Season 4 Couples

Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown

Tiffany and Brett. (Netflix)
Tiffany and Brett. (Netflix)

What happened on the show: In the Season Four premiere, Tiffany was introduced as a confident woman in her mid-thirties who was looking for love. She hit it off with Brett , a fashionable design director, immediately in the pods. The two formed a strong bond and seemed to be heading toward an engagement before an unexpected and funny mishap. The first episode ended with Tiffany falling asleep during an emotional conversation. She dozed off as Brett was professing his love for her, making him doubt their connection.

Brown was confused and hurt by her silence on the other side of the wall, but she made it up to him. In their next meeting, she explained what happened and the two moved past it. The pair became the first Season Four couple to get engaged and meet each other before heading off on a romantic trip to Mexico.

Relationship status: They are still together. Tiffany and Brett happily said "I do" at the altar and are enjoying married life. After filming ended, they moved in together in Portland.

During the reunion, the couple shared that the portraits Brett snapped of Tiffany on the show are now displayed in their apartment. He gave the photos to his now-wife when they had their "final date."

Micah Lussier and Paul Peden

Paul and Micah. (Netflix)
Paul and Micah. (Netflix)

What happened on the show: There can’t be a season of “Love Is Blind” without a love triangle, or square. Micah, a marketing manager, dated Paul and Kwame in the pods. Meanwhile, Paul also became close with Amber Wilder, a flight attendant. But, Micah and Paul realized that they were more compatible and decided to end their other budding relationships. Paul then proposed and the two happily embraced when they met for the first time. After seeing their immediate physical connection, Paul joked that he was ready to leave the pods with Micah as soon as possible.

But, the two hit a few speed bumps in Mexico. After all the couples were introduced to each other for the first time, Micah and Kwame had a private conversation during which they rehashed their feelings for each other and their breakup. Later when Micah filled Paul in on the conversation, he seemed to have some doubts about their relationship going forward.

Relationship status: They broke up at the altar. When it was time to make a decision, Micah asked Paul to go first and he rejected her. Micah sobbed and fled the ceremony as Paul tried to explain why he did not think they were ready for marriage. He also told the cameras that he had trouble "envisioning Micah as a mother."

Paul and Micah confirmed during the reunion that they briefly rekindled their relationship before breaking up again.

Micah called Paul out for his comments about her becoming a mom. He said he used a poor choice of words and that he could not picture them becoming parents together.

Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah

Chelsea and Kwame. (Netflix)
Chelsea and Kwame. (Netflix)

What happened on the show: While Kwame was getting to know Micah, he also chatted with Chelsea, a bubbly pediatric speech language pathologist. Kwame seemed slightly heartbroken when Micah called it quits, but he decided to shift his focus completely to Chelsea. He created an original song called “Real Love” for Chelsea, which made her swoon before she agreed to marry him. After they met, Chelsea repeatedly gushed about how attracted she was to her fiancé.

In Mexico, Chelsea noticed the lengthy and somewhat tense conversation between Kwame and Micah during a pool party. Chelsea and Kwame talked and she sternly told him that she needed to be his main priority, not Micah. He assured Chelsea that he was confident in his decision to propose to her. She asked him to leave his connection for Micah in the past and prioritize their relationship.

Relationship status: They are still together. They shocked most fans when they both agreed to say "I do." Although the two struggled to find a happy medium during most of their disagreements, they realized that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. They playfully mocked each other during their reception and toasted to "forever."

Kwame and Chelsea confirmed during the reunion that they are still going strong. However, they addressed Kwame's inappropriate flirting with Micah after he proposed to Chelsea. Kwame said his actions were "immature" and he apologized to Chelsea.

She said watching the show was "very uncomfortable." But, Chelsea added that their relationship is even stronger now because of everything they faced.

Marshall Glaze and Jackie Bonds

Jackie and Marshall. (Netflix)
Jackie and Marshall. (Netflix)

What happened on the show: Episode Two featured the beginning stages of Jackie connections with Marshall and Josh. When Jackie hinted to Josh that she would possibly choose Marshall over him, Josh contemplated leaving the show. Jackie felt guilty and confided in Marshall who addressed the situation with Josh. Marshall criticized Josh for upsetting Jackie and shared in his confessional that he was sure Jackie. would choose him. Marshall ended up being right and Jackie broke up with Josh.

Marshall and Jackie seemed to effortlessly bounce off each other in Mexico as they showed off their goofy personalities and sense of humor. But, Jackie revealed to the cameras that Marshall was not her physical type and she usually dates tall athletes. In Episode Four, Jackie became emotional. She cried in the bathroom as she worried about what their life would look like when they returned home and had to face their families. Marshall reassured her that he would be supportive and they would work through their problems.

Relationship status: They broke up...before making it to their wedding. After multiple, explosive arguments, Jackie surprised Marshall when she did not show up for her wedding dress fitting. She decided to meet Josh instead and said she was not concerned about Marshall's feelings.

In Episode 10, Jackie and Marshal ended their engagement. She said she was open to exploring a relationship with Josh, but she planned to keep her engagement ring.

Jackie revealed during the reunion that she still has the engagement ring and that she wanted Marshall to take responsibility for his role in their breakup. Marshall said he was ready to leave their relationship in the past and move on.

On December 23, 2023, Marshall announced on Instagram that he proposed to his girlfriend, Dr. Chay Barnes.

Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas

Jackie and Josh D. (Netflix)
Jackie and Josh D. (Netflix)

What happened on the show: During Chelsea's birthday party, Jackie and Josh met for the first time face-to-face. In a private conversation, Josh suggested Jackie give him a second chance. The two later reconnected in Episode Nine at a coffee shop. Josh said losing Jackie was his "biggest regret."

She told Josh that Marshall was “too sensitive” for her. Jackie also revealed that she "chose wrong" when she broke up with Josh in the pods. Josh and Jackie shared a quick kiss before she returned to her apartment and officially ended her relationship with Marshall.

Relationship status: They broke up.

At the reunion, Jackie and Josh confirmed that they have been dating since the show ended.

Jackie also denied the questionable timeline of her breakup with Marshall. “I broke up with Marshall before I saw Josh at the coffee shop,” she said. “It looks like I’m a cheater, but I’m not a cheater.”

When viewers caught up with the couple for the "After the Altar" special, they were still going strong and had recently moved in together. But, at the end of the three-episode special, things took a turn.

Contestant Monica Rodriguez revealed that Josh proposed to her in the pods in a previously unaired moment. She argued with Josh, who seemed to disagree with her publicly discussing their brief engagement. Jackie, who considered Monica a close friend, sat down with Monica and tried to resolve their issues.

About two weeks after the episodes were released, Jackie announced that she and Josh were no longer together and the "After the Altar" drama played a role.

"Instead of ignoring it, like I was told by him, I ended up having a conversation with (Monica), and then that’s the reason why we broke up," she explained. "Still sick about it low-key. I love that man."

Zack Goytowski and Irina Solomonova

Love is Blind. (L to R) Zach, Bliss in episode 405 of Love is Blind.  (Netflix)
Love is Blind. (L to R) Zach, Bliss in episode 405 of Love is Blind. (Netflix)

What happened on the show: Zack and Irina's relationship looked promising in the beginning before crashing and burning. Zack rubbed some contestants the wrong way in the pods, when he repeatedly joked about being a stripper. He later revealed that he made the comments to help him deal with the death of his mother, who worked as a stripper. He opened up to Irina about his past, but he also was vulnerable with Bliss, a senior program manager.

On his birthday, Bliss spent hours baking cupcakes for Zack. Irina forgot his birthday. Irina also joined Micah in mocking a few of the other contestants. When Bliss shared with Zack that Irina was rubbing some contestants the wrong way, he did not trust the senior program manager. He decided to pursue his relationship with Irina and said “goodbye” to Bliss.

Relationship status: They broke up. It was obvious there was a disconnect between Zack and Irina as soon as they met. Irna said Zack resembled a “fictonal character.” She then shared that she did not feel comfortable kissing him. When they arrived in Mexico, Irna continued to reject his physical affection. At the pool party, she flirted with Paul and told the cameras that she found him more attractive than Zack.

In Episode Five, Zack and Irina finally admitted to each other that their relationship was not working. They ended their engagement and Zack said he regretted not proposing to Bliss. The episode ended with Zack meeting Bliss for the first time to tell her he made a mistake.

Zack called Irina out during the reunion for how she treated him on the show. "If we’re real, you went on this show to get famous,” he told his ex. "But look, I forgive you." He asked for the viewers to give all the cast members a break, including Irina. Zack added that he believes Irina will become a better person in the future.

Irina denied she came on the show for fame. She apologized for her actions and said she was rooting for Zack and Bliss.

Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi

Love is Blind. (Netflix)
Love is Blind. (Netflix)

What happened on the show: Zack and Bliss reunited at a restaurant in Seattle to discuss their breakup. He admitted he made a mistake in the pods and that he wanted to try dating again.  Bliss agreed and the two decided to take their relationship day by day. They continued to get to know each other and he tried to impress her by cooking a gourmet steak dinner. But, he accidentally ruined the steak and the pair had to improvise. By the end of the night, the couple were slow dancing around his kitchen.

In Episode Eight, Zack and Bliss boarded a yacht and recapped their brief split. Zack then knelt on one knee and asked her to marry him. She said yes and they shared a kiss. They joked about him proposing to two women in less than three weeks. The couple also worried how their families would react.  “I knew before you knew which feels stupid. I feel so dumb,” Bliss told her fiancé, laughing.

Relationship status: They are still together. It looks like love is eternal bliss. During their wedding, Zack explained that he truly knew Bliss was the one for him the moment he told her goodbye. He recalled being sad and lonely after their breakup because he realized how much he loved her.

Bliss complimented Zack for believing in "second chances," a metaphor for their love story. They both said "I do" before dancing to their favorite song: Lee Ann Womack's "I Hope You Dance."

The couple wore matching purple outfits to the reunion, immediately confirming they were still happily in love. Bliss revealed her father is paying for the couple's upcoming trip to Panama for their honeymoon.

In an interview with TODAY.com, Bliss shared how she knew Zack was her person. "There was a very intense chemistry when we saw each other," she said.

The pair revealed in a November 2023 interview with People that they are currently expecting their first child together.

Season 5 Couples

Lydia Velez Gonzalez and James “Milton” Johnson IV

Milton (Netflix)
Milton (Netflix)

What happened on the show: Lydia, a geologist, and Milton, a petroleum engineer, connected in the pods over their shared love of rocks.

Their connection was enough for them to surmount at 7-year age gap, and their surprise at meeting each other in person. "He is nothing what I expected,” Lydia told the cameras while laughing in her confessional interview. “I am marrying a giant!”

They were tested by Lydia's former relationship with Uche Okoroha. Speaking to TODAY.com, Milton brushed it off.

“I’m not really concerned about anyone that’s dated her in the past. The same way she wouldn’t care about anyone I’ve dated in the past. We were there because we both wanted the chance to potentially get married and find a partner,” he said to TODAY.com.

Relationship status: They are still together. As of the Season Five finale, the two got married. They gushed about their relationship and celebrating their one-year anniversary during the reunion.

Uche Okoroha and Aaliyah Cosby

Love is Blind (Netflix)
Love is Blind (Netflix)

What happened on the show: Uche Okoroha and Aaliyah Cosby connected in the pods, but his past relationship with Lydia, as well as a conversation about infidelity, led to road bumps.

Aaliyah was rattled when she learned that Uche previously dated her friend in the pods, Lydia. She was also concerned by his reaction to learning that she had previously been unfaithful in a relationship. Aaliyah decided to leave the experiment abruptly.

Relationship status: They went their separate ways. The two reconnected for lunch. While the edit made it seem as if they broke up, Aaliyah confirmed they tried to date in an interview with Us Weekly. Aaliyah told Us Weekly they didn't "work out" as a couple.

Izzy Zapata and Stacy Snyder

Izzy, Stacy, Love is blind (Netflix)
Izzy, Stacy, Love is blind (Netflix)

What happened on the show: In the pods, Izzy chose Stacy over Johnie Maraist. The trio would go on to have heated interactions outside of the pods.

Izzy and Stacy bonded over their shared extroverted dispositions, but clashed once they got to the real world and learned of lifestyle differences.

Stacy couldn't get over that Izzy had brushed over his low credit score and kept a collection of items women had left in his apartment. Izzy struggled with Stacy's financial expectations.

She ultimately turned him down at the altar, saying she needed more time. Izzy kissed her, but said it was "tough" to hear.

“I just want to be loved the way that I love,” he said. “Bottom line, I deserve that.”

Relationship status: They broke up. The two did not get married in the finale. During the reunion, Izzy and Stacy revealed they attempted to rekindle their romance but both decided to move on. They confirmed at the time that they were dating other people.

Taylor Rue and J.P. Pierce

JP and Taylor. (Netflix)
JP and Taylor. (Netflix)

What happened on the show: Taylor and JP were the first to get married ... and the first to break up. Their relationship hit a snag in Mexico, when JP confessed that he didn't like that Taylor wore makeup during the reveal portion of the experiment. Previously, he had been acting coldly toward her, and said the makeup was the reason.

Relationship status: They broke up. Taylor decided she wasn't comfortable with JP and ended the relationship.

"I just followed my heart and because I wasn’t 100% and I don’t think he was 100% about me–we both deserve that — that’s ultimately why I walked away," she told TODAY.com.

Taylor told E! News she and JP spoke once after leaving Mexico.

“I reached to him and we had good conversation, but we actually didn’t talk about anything that really needs to be talked about, so still waiting for that,” she said.

Season Six Couples

Amy and Johnny

Johnny and Amy in
Johnny and Amy in

What happened on the show: It only took a couple chats for Amy and Johnny to feel like they had known each other for a lifetime during the Season Six premiere. They bonded over their love of travel, anime and their families.

They grew closer when Amy opened up about not having a lot of friends after she moved from Puerto Rico. She recalled her dad begging other kids to come to her birthday party. In a more lighthearted moment, Johnny sang an original song and made her laugh.

Amy told the cameras that she wanted to go on the show because it was important for her to find someone who truly loved her, inside and out. She found that type of love with Johnny.

"I don't want to change you at all. Like, I love you..." he accidentally blurted out during one of their conversations. "Amy, I do love you," he continued as she giggled. She said the feeling was mutual and that she loved getting to know him.

When she returned to the pods, she was greeted with a bouquet of peonies. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him, and she said "yes!"

Relationship status: They are still together. In the Season Six finale, Amy and Johnny were the only couple to tie the knot. She tearfully walked down the aisle with her dad, David, and brother, David Jr., by her side before joining Johnny.

"I love you soul," Amy told Johnny as she started to get emotional. "And I’m excited for what’s next."

They both said "I do" and celebrated at the reception with their friends and family.

"I found my partner. I found her. I didn’t think I was gonna ever find her at all. Mrs. Cortes-McIntyre," Johnny gushed.

At the reunion, the two said they are still going strong and that their families have become close. Amy and Johnny said since they tied the knot they have traveled to Paris and taken other trips together. They also snapped funny family photos for the holidays.

Amber Desiree "AD" and Clay

Clay and AD. (Netflix)
Clay and AD. (Netflix)

What happened on the show: AD and Clay's relationship started off playful and light. They joked about their names and came up with songs together. Their conversations were filled with laughter and joy. But, AD worried about Clay being a "ladies' man" and he later stressed how much he prioritized physical appearance in a relationship, which she told the cameras was a "turn off."

AD also developed a connection with Matthew in the pods. She described Matthew as a "pistachio" and said she was interested in slowly getting him to open up more. She later learned that Matthew was repeating the same sweet nothings and reassuring statements, word for word, to another contestant also named Amber. When she told Clay about the situation, he was stunned that she was interested in Matthew and wondered what he could do to prove he had strong feelings for her.

Then, she spoke to Matthew about his behavior, and he was more focused on how it would look to viewers that he broke Amber's heart and then hurt AD. Shocked by this response, AD left the pods and realized that Clay was her genuine connection.

With a newfound perspective, Clay returned to the pods and apologized to AD for not being more compassionate. He said he would work on his communication. He also said the process helped him grow and tap into his sensitive side and that he wouldn't focus on looks anymore.

Before proposing, he explained that he was always looking for someone to confirm they liked his authentic self.

"You believed in me, AD. To me, that's the biggest thing," he said.

He asked her take the next step in their relationship with him and marry him. "Oh, my gosh!" she exclaimed. "Yes, absolutely, 100%."

Relationship status: They broke up. AD seemed confident that the two would get married and praised Clay throughout her speech. She referred to him as her "safe space" and said she wanted to marry him. But when it was Clay's turn to speak, he said he was not ready to for marriage.

"This has been the best process. AD, I love you. I don’t think it’s responsible for me to say ‘I do.’ But I want you to know that I’m rockin’ with you," he said.

AD tearfully left the ceremony and was comforted by her friends, family and Clay's mom, Margarita.

Later, Clay joined AD to explain his decision. He said he did not want her to feel rejected and confirmed he wanted to keep dating. But, he said he needed to go to therapy to understand why he couldn't view himself as a husband.

AD wasn't interested in pursuing the relationship any further. "I don’t see myself continuing to date him,” she revealed in her final confessional.

She added, “You don’t wanna pick me. Somebody else will. I’m done. My heart is broken.”

Clay said he regretted his decision at the altar during the reunion. AD revealed that the two eventually spoke after their wedding day following multiple attempts by Clay to discuss the situation.

Clay said he felt he "made a mistake" on their wedding day. "I love you. You are the love of my life," he told her at the reunion.

He also apologized to AD and said he would like to reconnect. But, AD simply said, "Next question," when asked if she wanted to pursue a relationship with Clay again.

She then revealed that she went on two dates with Matthew after the show, but they realized they were too different.

Clay and AD didn't shut down the possibility of reconciling in the future. Clay mentioned that the he “didn’t do the process right” and started to go to therapy.

"I came out a different man and I have to credit that to AD," he said.

Chelsea and Jimmy

Jimmy and Chelsea. (Netflix)
Jimmy and Chelsea. (Netflix)

What happened on the show: Jimmy spent his time in the pods pursuing flight attendant Chelsea and Jess, a single-mom with a 10-year-old daughter named Autumn. After multiple conversations with Jimmy, both women decided to share major personal details about themselves on the say day. While Jess revealed she was a mom, Chelsea shared that she was a divorcée after tying the knot with her high school sweetheart at 18.

Jimmy wasn't very receptive to either emotional backstory, which caused Chelsea to shed a few tears. Meanwhile Trevor, another contestant Chelsea was interested in, was more understanding when she spoke about her previous marriage. Plus, she lit up when he shared that he had a mullet.

Chelsea and Jimmy hit another speed bump when he started discussing his relationship with Jess. He later apologized to Chelsea about his reaction to her divorce news.

Jimmy and Chelsea moved on and started picturing their easygoing life together after the pods. She became emotional and he later said he was in love with her. But in her next conversation with Trevor, he said he was fully in love with Chelsea. She didn't express the same sentiment to Trevor and simply said she wished he could see her reaction.

After learning from Laura that Jimmy professed his love to Chelsea, Jess confronted him and they called it quits.

Following their breakup, he spoke to Chelsea. He said he wanted to bring the picture they painted together to life. He proposed and she agreed to marry him.

She shared her engagement news with Trevor and broke it off with him. He shared his thoughts on the breakup with us.

Relationship status: They broke up. During their final date, the pair reflected on their journey so far and shared how they felt about their upcoming nuptials.

"I love you so much and I have no doubt in my mind that you’re my person," Jimmy said.

Chelsea agreed, adding that they had been through a "rollercoaster of emotions" but she still wanted to get married.

But Jimmy then clarified that he didn't want to go through with the wedding.

He explained, "Every day you’ve done exactly what I would want in a wife. I love you to death and I want a relationship with you. I want us to work so bad, but I don’t want to go to the altar. I can’t."

She tried to change his mind, but he stood firm in his decision. He brought up their explosive argument where she mentioned his past sexual encounter with a close friend, a secret he revealed off camera.

"You disrespected her. You disrespected me," he told Chelsea.

They continued to argue and voice their frustrations. She then stood up from the table and walked away to cry.

During the reunion, Chelsea said she was "really sorry" for discussing Jimmy's secret on camera.

Jimmy shared that his friend is "really pissed" at him after having her personal information shared on television.

"I can take it. They didn’t deserve it," he said.

He added, "She was there as a friend. Someone who loved me. Someone who supported me. When I’m talking to guys, I’m not getting emotional with the fellas. The girls will let me lay into them with where I’m feeling."

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jimmy revealed that he and Chelsea briefly dated after breaking up.

"We dated for about two weeks after the show," he confirmed. "But there was a period of time where I gave her some space, so it was a breakup and then four to five days, (and then) we went and grabbed coffee. And then we dated for another two weeks from there.

He said that the relationship fizzled because there was still resentment and unresolved issues.

"Ultimately, it just didn’t work because I felt like I had skeletons in my closet at that point that she constantly was bringing up," he told EW.

Jeramey and Laura

Jeramey, Laura (Netflix)
Jeramey, Laura (Netflix)

What happened on the show: Jeramey, unknowingly adding to a season of never-ending love triangles, struggled to process his feelings for Laura and Sarah Ann in the pods. One day when he entered the pods, he thought Laura was Sarah Ann. Laura later returned to the women's lounge and told the ladies that she was starting to feel "jealous."

Her next conversation with Jeramey was more serious. They discussed their families and she shared that she dislikes Christmas. She explained that the holidays give her "anxiety" because she doesn't have a "traditional family." He said he had a different upbringing and that he missed his family gatherings. Jeramey said he wanted a cozy Christmas for his family in the future and she said she was looking forward to it.

She revealed to Jeramey that she usually runs from relationships after stressing the little things. But, she said she made a pros and cons list for him and that she couldn't stop adding to the "pro" side. She said they aligned on all the important things and she was willing to put everything else aside.

Jeramey realized he had a stronger connection with Laura, so he decided to end his relationship with Sarah Ann. He told Sarah Ann he didn't have a "good answer" for while he chose Laura. and that he wouldn't go through the experiment again.

Before getting down on one knee, Jeramey referred to Laura as his "forever person" when speaking to the cameras. As he proposed, Jeramey said he would love for Laura to be his wife and she happily accepted.

Relationship status: They broke up. Jeramey and Laura's relationship immediately hit speed bumps after the "honeymoon stage" ended. When they returned to Charlotte, Jeramey met up with Sarah Ann after she sent him a DM.

He stayed out until the wee hours of the morning and texted Laura his location. The next morning, Laura called him out for lying about his specific whereabouts.

“I literally knew. I knew when I woke up at 5 a.m. this morning. I was like, ‘I would f------ bet my bottom dollar that you were with Sarah Ann,” she says.

After Jeramey initially withheld details about his conversation with Sarah Ann, he finally admitted to Laura that he drove Sarah Ann home and the two spent more time talking in front of her house.

But Jeramey doesn't exactly confirm what transpired during his meeting with Sarah Ann. Laura left the interaction saying, "I want out."

When the Season Six cast, including some pods fan-favorites, met up for a lake party, Laura and Jeramey arrived separately. Laura confided in the girls about Jeramey's interactions with Sarah Ann and was noticeably not wearing her engagement ring.

Laura and Jeramey had a private conversation and continued to butt heads about how they treated each other.

"The narcissism is literally nauseating. I wish you the best," Laura said before walking away, officially cutting ties. Jeramey spent the rest of his time at the party telling Sarah Ann that he "made the wrong decision in the pods." The two were last shown riding jet skis together.

Jeramey and Laura addressed their breakup and rumors about his relationship before the show during the reunion.

"I was previously engaged. Everyone I had dated is well aware of that. I did go ahead and apply after I was out on my own, doing my own thing. Got approached and I decided to move forward," he explained.

Laura confirmed that he told her about his previous fiancée. However, she called him out for his actions with Sarah Ann. She said he never apologized to her and that he acted like a "clown."

"I was hoping and praying for you guys to come in here with some humility and an apology to realize this is my real life,” she told Jeramey and Sarah Ann.

Sarah Ann later apologized for how she handled the situation.

Jeramey and Sarah Ann

Love is Blind (Netflix)
Love is Blind (Netflix)

What happened on the show: Although they hit it off initially, Jeramey and Sarah Ann broke up in the pods. He decided he had a better relationship with Laura and proposed to her instead.

In Episode Eight, Laura shared with Jess that Sarah Ann had messaged Jeramey. Sarah Ann wrote, in part, "I genuinely hope you’re happy. If there’s ever a chance your mind is shifting in your choice, I would love the opportunity to meet you though."

They met and stayed out until the early hours of the morning. After Laura and Jeramey called it quits, he reunited with Sarah Ann on camera during the cast lake party.

"They’re painting me out to be this person, that I’m this floozy that goes after men that are engaged,” she told him through tears. "I’m a realist. I was just as much a part of this as anybody f—ing else."

He said he agreed with her and that he did not regret meeting up.

"I made the wrong decision in the pods, and I think you know that at this point. I had every indication in front of me that you and I should have done this together," he told her.

Relationship status: They are still together. At the reunion, hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey revealed that Jeramey's girlfriend was backstage before Sarah Ann emerged and joined her fellow Season Six cast members.

Jeramey and Sarah Ann confirmed that they have been together "almost a year now. They also shared that they live together.

"I’m sitting next to someone now I love with all my heart. In my pursuit of love, hearts got broken," Sarah Ann said.

The pair were not on good terms with the rest of the cast. Sarah Ann said she does not speak to any of the women from Season Six and that she was removed from their group chat.

Chelsea pointed out that Sarah Ann unfollowed them first, causing friction. Chelsea also said that Jeramey told her multiple times that he had broken up with Sarah Ann.

Jeramey chimed in said that the two have been "on and off" over the past year, but they currently have a home together and are in a relationship.

Kenneth and Brittany

Love is Blind (Netflix)
Love is Blind (Netflix)

What happened on the show: Kenneth, a principal, and Brittany, a former teacher, instantly bonded in the pods and spoke about the importance of faith and maturity in their lives. He opened up about his mom dying of cancer when he was just 12 years old and how that shaped him. Brittany said that even though she only knew Kenneth for a short amount of time she knew his mom would be proud of him.

She then revealed that her father was an alcoholic and he passed away when she was 5 years old due to liver and pancreatic issues.

In their next conversation, Brittany asked Kenneth to share his family's ethnicity. He said he is Black and guessed that she is white. When he asked if she was comfortable being in an interracial relationship, she replied, "Yes. People are judgmental, and it's not going to be shocking. You just correct their thoughts and move on. Like 'cause I'm still going to lay my head down at night."

After seeing their connection grow, he decided to propose. "At my most vulnerable moments, you are there with me," he gushed before asking her to marry him.

She immediately agreed and cheered about being his fiancée.

Relationship status: They broke up. During their getaway to the Dominican Republic, they started to face problems and there were many awkward silences during their dates. Kenneth and Brittany broke up after returning to Charlotte. Brittany struggled with Kenneth's phone use and that he wasn't home often during the week. She said she didn't feel the "crave" she once had for him.

Kenneth responded calmly, saying it wasn't worth working on their relationship if she felt like that.

“Even though I have so much love for you and I care about you so much, if it’s not there for you and I, he’s gonna prepare me for that, prepare you for that and us for that,” he continues. “I will still be the biggest supporter of you and believer in you. But I also love myself too much. I’ve also overcome so much just to force something just because it’s not fair to me or you.”

“This is not going to work. But I do want you to find the person that you are actually supposed to be with, even though it’s not me and I thought it was,” he said. They parted with a hug.

Ahead of the reunion, Brittany uploaded a TikTok video of the two, which made fans speculate that they had moved past their problems.

They confirmed there wasn't any bad blood between them during the reunion.

"We speak nearly every day," she shared before adding that the two are not dating.

She said they developed a bond that will last for an "eternity."

He agreed and said that they even discuss their dating lives with each other.

"We’re in a good spot," she concluded.

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