"Love Is Blind" Star Natalie Lee Said Netflix Cut The Footage Of Her Showing Those DMs Between Shayne And Shaina

In case you missed it, Love Is Blind: After the Altar premiered a few weeks ago and gave us an update on all of our favorite Season 2 contestants.

Love Is Blind's Natalie and Iyanna sitting together

In the special, Natalie Lee revealed that after she left Shayne Jansen at the altar, they tried to make their relationship work. However, she discovered "flirtatious messages" between her boyfriend and Shaina Hurley.

She said the DMs took place while Shaina was in a relationship with her boyfriend (now husband), Christos Lardakis.

She said the DMs took place while Shaina was in a relationship with her boyfriend (now husband), Christos Lardakis.


Natalie said that she saw messages about "what would have happened if they ended up together" and "how wild their sex life would be."

Natalie in a chair with caption "You don't do that to someone you love"

Once Shaina discovered that Natalie had told the group about the DMs, she invited Shayne to Christos's restaurant, where they refuted Natalie's claims. "We've always been appropriate. We've never hung out alone," Shaina told Shayne — as they were hanging out alone.

Shaina and Shayne talking, with caption "It's slander; it's lies"

Shaina also said that the most inappropriate thing she'd sent to Shayne was calling him "sweet baby."


Well! In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Natalie spilled some more tea. After discovering the DMs, she decided to "tell [her] side of the story of just kind of what had happened in that relationship, especially because Shaina was [her] former friend as well."

"And I think seeing her lies play in Season 2, I was extremely just surprised and very emotional, and then going into After the Altar, I decided to say what truly happened in that relationship with Shayne, and kind of how my former friendship with her as well played a part in that."

Natalie shared that there's footage of her showing the DMs during After the Altar, but it was cut from the show! And in addition to the DMs, she also spoke about texts and emails between Shayne and Shaina, but they weren't shown, either.

Natalie sitting in a chair

"I think a lot more was left on the cutting room floor," she continued. "I understand, in terms of how much you can really show in these three 45-minute-long episodes, but what I do have is, again, text messages and emails with Shane, talking about him unsending Instagram messages, deleting messages, and those DMs with Shaina, so that's something that I talked about that didn't make the cut, that I think kind of would have helped with the story."

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Then she revealed that Shaina wasn't the only woman Shayne was talking to.

Shayne taking a selfie in a restaurant with a woman

"I think that whole situation — it wasn't just with Shaina; it was with other women. And I think that situation, along with how he handled that situation as well, was the final straw in that relationship, closing the door," she concluded.

You can check out the full Entertainment Tonight interview here.