'Love Is Blind' stars Lauren and Cameron swear by weekly marriage meetings and run their relationship like a business

'Love Is Blind' stars Lauren and Cameron swear by weekly marriage meetings and run their relationship like a business
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The cover of "Love Is Blind" stars Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton's new book, "Leap of Faith."
Courtesy of Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton
  • "Love Is Blind" stars Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton wrote a book about their relationship on- and off-screen.

  • Since getting married weeks after first seeing each other, they use weekly marriage meetings to stay on track.

  • They share individual and collective tasks and goals to foster intimacy and prevent miscommunication.

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"Love Is Blind" stars Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed fell in love in three days without ever having seen each other. Two days later, they were engaged.

It's now been two and a half years since their wedding on Netflix's reality dating show, and the couple is still together.

In their new book "Leap of Faith," Speed and Hamilton explain how they've kept their unconventional relationship strong.

Speed wrote that weekly marriage meetings with her husband makes them feel mentally and emotionally aligned.

"Even if you're not running a business with your spouse the way Cameron and I are, it's important to run your marriage like a business," Speed wrote.

Every Monday, Speed and Hamilton plan their entire week

Speed said weekly meetings with her husband keeps them organized so when it's time to have fun, they can be fully present.

Every Monday morning, Speed and Hamilton jot down their individual and collective goals for the week, as well as long-term goals.

They discuss the week's upcoming appointments, plans with friends and family, and deadlines they have for projects, like content for their shared YouTube channel.

Speed wrote that humor keeps the meetings fun and playful.

"In our weekly Monday meetings, we'll often use mock seriousness to keep it light. 'Thank you for attending today's meeting, Mr. Hamilton,' I might say. 'On the agenda for today is X, Y, and Z,'" Speed wrote.

She added that getting everything out into the open frees up both of their minds for loftier goals and projects.

Planning ahead prevents resentment and helps with compromise, they said

As a result of the weekly meetings, Hamilton wrote that he and Speed have become better at communicating and meeting each other's needs.

During one of their first Monday meets, Speed asked how they should split up finances. Since Hamilton was making more money at the time, they decided Speed would pitch in with more household chores, while Hamilton would pay more bills.

According to Speed, an outsider could view the arrangement as hyper-traditional. But having an honest conversation about the dynamic, and agreeing that it could change as their circumstances do, helped her avoid feelings of resentment.

"I think couples get into trouble when they slide into these roles without any discussion," Speed wrote.

Now, two years into their marriage and business ventures, Speed and Hamilton split their bills and household chores down the middle, she said.

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