Love INC finds a new home

Jennifer Bailey, Commercial-News, Danville, Ill.
·4 min read

May 4—DANVILLE — After 10 years of being located at the Community Church of God on South Bowman Avenue, Love INC of Vermilion County is moving to a new location.

"This is an answer to a prayer," said Love INC (In the Name of Christ) Director Michael Rohall.

Rohall said a lease is signed and they are moving to the ground floor of First Presbyterian Church, 100 N. Franklin St.

The church also houses The Dwelling Place, Her House and other groups.

"We are thankful for our current hosts at Community Church of God who provided space for us for the last 10 years. However, the steep steps have been a barrier for many volunteers," according to Rohall.

He said they've been on the second floor in an old two-story house since Oct. 2010, and it's hard to get up and down the stairs for some volunteers.

He said he's already heard about some former volunteers interested in coming back with the location change.

Love INC's new home is in a suite of rooms at the church.

They hope to have a grand opening, possibly in June.

Rohall said moving into First Presbyterian Church came about after first talking about a capital campaign for Love INC's needs, and then a church member suggested Love INC move into an unused former Sunday School section on the church's north side.

He said other benefits moving to the First Presbyterian Church, other than being on the ground floor, include it's on a bus line and the west downtown area doesn't have a lot of heavy traffic and it's quiet.

Rohall said it's like a ministry mall with the church and other groups they are with in the same complex.

"We feel really excited," he said, adding they are very at peace with the move.

They are losing a room, but gaining in square feet in the new space.

Changes include having: a separate reception area, a director's office with a desk instead of tables, and a large Connection Center space with a combined board room that will offer privacy for intakes.

Rohall said they need help cleaning, prepping and painting to get the rooms ready.

They will also have appliques to put on the walls and windows and some shelves to put up.

A painting party will be on May 8, but they also will be flexible if someone wants to help but can't make it that day.

Their goal is to move into the new space May 12-14.

If someone is unable to provide labor, but wants to help, donations are needed, such as: paint, applicators, accessories, shelves or cabinets.

They also would ask for people to pray that: they have sufficient labor, everyone stays safe and they have enough vehicles.

If someone would like to help, call the office at 217-442-5683 and leave a message. Love INC hours are 10 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Monday and Wednesday.

Rohall said as volunteers increase, they may add a third or fourth day.

Love INC's vision includes finding a permanent home in the next few years, finding a source for self-funding, adding a third set of classes (summer 2022) and expanding staff to include a volunteer coordinator/trainer and Transformational Ministry coordinator.

This year's goals include strengthening and expanding the Connection Center, expand Gap and also Transformational ministries, and also begin Comprehensive Transformational Ministry by recruiting allies/mentors, develop intake and interview processes and increase initiatives.

They would like to impact 500 families in five years. With the number of Vermilion County families stuck in cycles of material and generational poverty, this can be accomplished by partnering with ministries and social service agencies.

Love INC helps to transform lives and empower families to break out of the cycles that bind them by building Christ-like relationships, uniting local congregations and offering transformational Christ-centered life skills classes.

Its mission is to mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ. It builds bridges among churches of different denominations to create coalitions to meets needs.

"The focus of the ministry is relationships," Rohall said.