Love Island: Viewers celebrate as Luca shown ‘egging on’ boys during Casa Amor in movie night challenge

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Love Island viewers celebrated as Luca’s behaviour in Casa Amor was “exposed” during the movie night challenge.

Sunday (17 July) night’s episode presented the second half of the fan-favourite challenge, in which the islanders are shown clips of their fellow islanders when they were apart.

The girls voted to watch a clip regarding Luca’s actions, in which he was shown egging the other boys on to be unfaithful when the girls went to Casa Amor.

In one video, Luca was seen encouraging Andrew to kiss Coco, before asking him: “Tasha, who?”

In another, he watched and cheered as Dami kissed Summer, despite the microbiologist being paired up with Indiyah.

The girls said that Luca was “literally egging everyone on so he can come out squeaky clean”.

Paige also added that Luca was “s***-stirring the pot”.

However, Luca said that it was “only natural” for him to encourage the other boys when he’d been loyal when separated from Gemma.

The boys watched the movie night challenge (ITV)
The boys watched the movie night challenge (ITV)

Nonetheless, Twitter users were quick to celebrate as Luca’s comments were finally made public.

“I’m glad they’re exposing Luca. Egging everyone on,” one tweet read.

Another commenter wrote: “Good I’m happy the producers are showing that Luca wasn’t all innocent in Casa.”

“Nahhh Luca getting exposed is hilarious,” one Twitter user said.

“I’m soooo glad they showed all what Luca was saying!!” one commenter wrote, while another said: “This is making Luca look bad ngl.”

Later in the episode, Luca said he was “f***ing fuming” after watching Billy flirting with Gemma in Casa Amor.

Love Island continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2.