Love Island viewers convinced producers are ‘trying to separate’ two contestants

Love Island viewers believe producers are tring to keep two contestants apart.

On Thursday’s episode (26 January), a recoupling took place, with the two new bombshell arrivals getting to pick first.

This threw a spanner in the works for Lana as Ellie, within moments of entering the villa, chose to couple up with Ron, who had been getting on well with Lana since the show started.

Lana’s fellow contestants gasped as Ellie made her announcement considering Lana was going to pick Ron. E

Ellie said of her decision: “I don’t think he’s met his match yet and I’m really looking forward to getting to know him better.”

Ron took the move in his stride, with Lana saying: “He’s not moaning much. Come off it.”

Will, who had been in a friendship couple with Lana, opted to couple up with Jessie, while the last remaining boy, Aaron, had no choice but to choose Lana.

He told Lana while announcing his decision: “Keeo your head up and keep being yourself – it’s a race, not a marathon in here.

“At the very least, we’ll form a great friendship – at least we can tralk about Harry Potter all night.”

“I just can’t catch a break, can I?’ a surprised Ellie saidafter the recoupling came to an end.

Viewers were not impressed with Ellie’s decision, just as it seemed Lana was about to find love in the villa.

“Producers doing everything they can to keep Lana and Ron apart,” one viewer wrote, with another adding: “Nooo not Ellie breaking up Lana and Ron I’m so upsetttt.”

‘Love Island’ (ITV)
‘Love Island’ (ITV)

An additional fan wrote: “I swear they are trying to keep Ron and Lana apart,” with another commenter stating: “These producers are doing everything to separate Ron & Lana and I love it.”