Love it or leave it? New diverging diamond interchange in Grovetown

GROVETOWN, GA. (WJBF) – I-20 Exit 190 has opened back up with a new way of getting people where they need to go, and many are saying it’s not as scary as it looks.

Although the construction on the interchange was postponed several times, crews finished up early Sunday afternoon, allowing drivers to test out the new design.

Traffic on the right side of the road crosses over to the left, and vice versa.

This allows drivers to turn left on and off the interstate ramps without having to go against traffic.

Some drivers are over the moon.

“I love it. I’m familiar with the concept because I’ve been through one in Tennessee several times, but it makes getting on and off the interstate so much easier,” said Joe Padgett.

“I really liked it. We were coming this way to come to the Kroger, and we got so enamored by the pattern itself we almost forgot to turn in to go shopping,” said Brenda Anderson.

Others are a little apprehensive about how it will impact traffic.

“Traffic here is unbearable, unbearable,” said Robert Spellman. “I give the county credit in their work for trying to keep up or catch up, and I think they will eventually, but I don’t think you’re gonna see the end of this for a long time.”

“I’m not going through that place ‘till probably about a month. After everyone get used to it,” said Walter Edwards.

Some think there may be growing pains.

“I think it’s gonna take a little bit of time to get used to it, and people are gonna be maybe in the wrong lane and then just realize that,” said Mike Anderson. “So there may be a few fender benders, but I think it’s well organized and it’s gonna help this area a lot.”

County engineers and DDI veterans are stressing that as long as you stay in your lane and pay attention to traffic lights, it’ll do all the work for you.

“Slow down, look up, look at the signs, and get in the proper lane. No problem,” Padgett said.

The DDI was the last major phase of the Lewiston Road widening project, which is expected to be complete by June.

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