Love Never Fails Expands into Contra Costa County

Love Never Fails Expands into Contra Costa County

Love Never Fails Expands into Contra Costa County

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Love Never Fails Partners with John Muir Community Health Fund to Combat Human Trafficking

ANTIOCH, Calif., Feb. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- January Human Trafficking Awareness Month has come to an end but bringing awareness to this crime continues. Love Never Fails (LNF), based in Alameda County for over 10 years, is now expanding into Contra Costa County. The organization empowers and mobilizes survivors of human trafficking with restorative safe housing, education, workforce development, mentoring, search and rescue and community activism. Through support from John Muir Community Health Fund and Antioch Community Foundation, LNF has hired a Senior Program Manager to work out of the Family Justice Center in Antioch. "The Community Health Fund is excited to support the expansion of Love Never Fails to Contra Costa Country. LNF's work to help the victims of human trafficking is all encompassing and sadly in dire need in our communities," said John Muir Community Health Fund Chair, Ken Carlson.

The Senior Program Manager will create a strategic community of service partners who can help LNF establish sustainable business practices that provide long term quality care for survivors that are served. A needs assessment will be conducted to determine service gaps and understand the depths of human trafficking in Contra Costa, in particular, East Contra Costa County.

Love Never Fails welcomes Monica E Wilson onboard as the new Senior Program Manager for Contra Costa County. "Ms. Wilson brings a wealth of expertise to our expansion. She has spearheaded the Red Sand Project throughout the county and takes the lead to empower women such as her work with the East Contra Coats Women's Leadership Initiative.  As an Antioch councilmember, Ms. Wilson has been a strong advocate for the city and East Contra Costa County. She has passed two ordinances unanimously around protecting victims of human trafficking," said LNF Founder Vanessa Russell.

"I am looking forward to partnering with Love Never Fails as well as organizations throughout the state to bring an end to human trafficking and supporting survivors in their journey. I will continue to shine a light on this issue in hopes to bring an end to a crime that often falls through the cracks," said Ms. Wilson.

About Love Never Fails: Love Never Fails empowers all people to express and experience their best sense of humanity. Committed to the well-being of all people and driven to their restoration, education and protection from sex trafficking, we believe that our expression of love in words and action will result in setting them free. 

The Love Never Fails organization formed in December 2011 after the Founder's teenage dance student experienced human trafficking in the SF Bay Area.

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