He’s in love with a stripper: Watch this marriage proposal at the Booby Trap in Miami

Madeleine Marr
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You don’t really think of the word “romantic” when you think of a strip club.

But so it was at Booby Trap on the River in Brickell Sunday night.

The boyfriend of one of the employees, Lia, became her fiancé, proposing on stage — and it was all caught on video. The scene brought to mind that old T. Pain song, “I’m in Love with a Stripper.”

The club’s spokeswoman Natalie Gianella tells the Miami Herald that the boyfriend called ahead and said he wanted to surprise his gal with a ring, and the club consented.

Owner Gregg Berger posted the clip on his Instagram, with the caption, “Marriage at the Trap.”

You see the man in shorts get down on bended knee, and the scantily clad woman in fishnets clasp her hands, cover her mouth in shock and smile.

Obvio, she said yes and they kiss.

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Marriage at the Trap

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The DJ yells in Spanish over the speaker, “Hay matrimonio!” (“There’s a wedding!”)

You may notice the lack of masks in the dimly lit interior, but Gianella says that the club is strictly adhering to the current health and safety guidelines.

Booby Trap, with other locations in Pompano Beach, Doral and South Miami, has changed things up since reopening last month.

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The club is limiting capacity by no longer allowing general admission, just reservations for bottle service, Gianella said. Tables are set six feet apart with a maximum of six people per party. Masks must be worn when patrons enter and be worn at all times, except when drinking. The entertainers also wear masks at all times, but in the case of the proposal, an exception was made.

They’re making do in these uncertain times of the pandemic.

“We’re doing OK,” said Gianella. “But it’s not the way it used to be.”

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