'Love, Victor' Michael Cimino And Cast Talk Season 3, Revisit The Season 1 Moment That Was Edited Out

After three seasons, Hulu's Love, Victor has come to an end, and its stars are reflecting on the biggest moments.

Season 3 is sort of a full-circle trajectory of sorts for Victor, because not only is he making big choices in his own life, but he's also a sounding board and a source of advice for multiple of the season's other characters going through similar things that he did.

Shadow and Act spoke to series stars Michael Cimino, George Sear, Rachel Hilson and Bebe Wood ahead of the season 3 premiere as they reminisced on the series and talked about the new season.

Cimino explained Victor's new position in regards to helping others: "It's cool because there's a line in season 1-- I don't actually don't remember if he made it into the show or not-- but there was a line [about] Victor's gay guru. And like, Simon was Victor's gay guru. And now, even though I feel like Victor isn't as far along on his journey as Simon is, I think that he is getting his guru-ness [laughs]. He's kind of like learning how to navigate the world as a gay man, and it's so much so to the point where he can try to give other people advice.

Both Cimino and Sear talked about prior season moments that stick out to them these years later.

"Day 1 [of filming] was so memorable because it's like first day nerves and all that, and then the last day was so memorable because everybody knew it was the end and it was very emotional," said Sear. And in episode 4 of season 2, where the characters are about to have sex for the first time was like a really [a memory for me], and I think that spoke to a lot of people as well. I loved how sort of just like honest it was."

"I think for me, something that's always gonna be very, very memorable was when George and I first kiss, they actually wound up editing out the kiss, but it was in season 1," added Cimino. On the Ferris wheel, we originally we did kiss, but they took out the kiss and made it where we almost kiss-- and then that's what happened. I remember George and I were both so giddy and so many different emotions were going through us. And I think that that was like such a very memorable moment."

Check out the full interviews below, also featuring a chat with Hilson and Wood, below: