Low temperatures and sunshine expected to continue today, but there will be no white Christmas in Chicago this year

Jessica Villagomez, Chicago Tribune

Stay asleep if you are dreaming of a white Christmas.

Though the Chicago area experienced one of the coldest Christmas mornings in recent history, the city shouldn’t be seeing any more flurries, according to the National Weather Service.

“It’s going to be a cold day and that will continue through the afternoon,” said Kevin Birk, a meteorologist with the service.

Temperatures are going to remain in the low teens with wind chills in the single digits, Birk added. But, Chicago will see a good deal of sunshine, rising the heat into the low 20s.

Normally, Christmas mornings are in the high 30s, making this the coldest Christmas morning in the last few years.

“Last year, Christmas was on the warm side and was mild,” Birk said. “The lake effect snow we saw this morning was mainly in Northwest Indiana and lower Michigan.”

With the residual snow fall comes added driving warnings, Birk added. However, there is hope for brighter and merrier times.

“We will warm up, we are the coldest right now,” he said. “There will be highs in the low 40s by Sunday.”

A small chance of snow is expected late Sunday into early morning Monday, with another potential storm system hitting the area in the middle of next week.