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Lower Merion's Junior Varsity Lacrosse Teams Goes Viral

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Natasha Brown reports.

Video Transcript

- Lower Merion's Junior Varsity Lacrosse Team is going viral, thanks to an Instagram video and the team's captain, Kamari Bolden. As Natasha Brown shows you, what happened on the field had both teams celebrating.

NATASHA BROWN: The lacrosse game between Lower Merion High School and Ridley High on Tuesday was winding down. Ridley had a substantial lead, but Lower Merion had a special player and a special play in mind.

JAMIE GAFFNEY: Kamari's teammates were coming up to me and going, hey coach, let's-- let's get Mari in, Let's run Mari.

NATASHA BROWN: Kamari Bolden is a 10th grade life-skills student at Lower Merion, who's usually on the sidelines, cheering on the team. But he was about to have the biggest moment of his life.

NATASHA BROWN: Kamari really is part of the team. He suits up for practices and for games, but during Tuesday's game, the team really wanted to involve him in a very special way.

SAM SHAFFER: I kind of thought that the right approach would be to, you know, give-- give Coach over on the Ridley sideline a heads up and-- and say, hey, you know we got a first timer. And this was all the coaching staff. Head coach looked to me and he said, forget that let's get him a goal. We brought Kamari into the huddle and we-- we decided to run a play. We-- we called it Kamari special. We gave it to good tries and on the second go, Kamari buried it.

NATASHA BROWN: Both teams erupted, rushing the field to cheer on Kamari. No longer rivals, all embracing a moment much bigger than the game.

KAMARI BOLDEN: I wasn't really expecting it. It was really fun. And I think the guys was really excited to see that. I think the guys just wanted me to get out there and just score a goal.

NATASHA BROWN: Kamari is back at it, back at practice, pushing the team to win. Leaving them with a life lesson that goes far beyond the game.

KAMARI BOLDEN: It was really fun and I hope I can score again.

SAM SHAFFER: Means a lot to me and everyone. You know, he's out here every day supporting us, making us get better. And I really love him here. Lacrosse is more than a game. It's about, you know, the compassion and about the, you know, camaraderie.

NATASHA BROWN: Natasha Brown, CBS three Eyewitness News.

- Awesome, awesome job all around.