Loyola campus buzzing after March Madness upset over Fighting Illini

The college basketball world is buzzing over Loyola's upset win over number one seed Illinois in the NCAA's men's basketball tournament.

Video Transcript

JOHN GARCIA: In fact, there's games underway even as we speak. This is just a really electric atmosphere here. Indianapolis should be changing its name to "Upset City." Still buzzing over all of the great games over the weekend. None of them, however, as important for the state of Illinois as Loyola's big win yesterday.

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JOHN GARCIA: Loyola's not-so-secret weapon? 101-year-old team chaplain Sister Jean provided extra motivation for players and fans.


On the court, they were led by senior center Cameron Krutwig from northwest suburban Jacobs High School.

JIMMY ROBERTS: He's unbelievable, man, and what they've been able to do-- You know, don't put anything past them.


JOHN GARCIA: Loyola fans leave the field house in full celebration mode. Kathy and Carlton Valentine's son Drew is an assistant coach for Loyola.

CARLTON VALENTINE: We're just so excited for this team, the coaching staff, the players. They put all the work in.

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JOHN GARCIA: It all added up to a huge upset win over Illinois, the first time the two teams have played in the tournament since 1963.

JERRY HARKNESS: This team came in here and played like champs. Basically, they can beat anybody.

JOHN GARCIA: Jerry Harkness was Loyola's leading scorer in 1963, and he likes what he sees in this year's team.


But matching the excitement of Loyola fans the disappointment of Illinois fans, who were hoping to see their number one seeded Fighting Illini in the Final Four.

ANTHONY ALLEN: It's gonna be a long ride back to Champaign. Real long ride.

ELLIOT SIEKMAN: It's why they call it "March Madness," though. Teams can lose it. Anybody can lose

JOHN GARCIA: A lot of long faces on folks wearing the orange and blue yesterday. There is still a full slate of games actually going on today here in Indianapolis, so a lot of excitement continuing.

Loyola remains, as you mentioned, in the bubble here. They will be getting ready for their sweet-- sweet 16 game on Saturday. And as you mentioned, they're playing Oregon State, which is a number 12 seed, so Loyola will be favored in that game. Starts at 1:40 Chicago time on Saturday.

Live in Indianapolis, John Garcia, ABC 7 Eyewitness News.

- I like the odds, John. Sounds good. Great assignment too. How lucky to be out there.