Loyola University Student Created 'The Safety Pouch' To Fight Against Police Brutality During Traffic Stops

A junior at Loyola University in New Orleans is off to a tremendous start of the school year as he nationally launches his latest invention, the Safety Pouch.  The brilliant product was developed in one of the university’s entrepreneurship classes.

The Safety Pouch was founded and created by its CEO, David Price.  During traffic stops, this safety tool was designed to fight against police brutality. In the middle of the pandemic, while The Black Lives Matter movement was going strong and surrounding protests, Price created his business while drawing inspiration from a caring educator. This summer, Price officially launched The Safety Pouch into more than 400 Walmart stores.

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The Safety Pouch is an essential driving tool for civilians and law enforcement, designed to eliminate active reaching during traffic stops.  It minimizes movement within the vehicle and allows for complete visibility and storage of all driving credentials in one place.

The Safety Pouch also provides a sense of relief and facilitates quicker and more efficient traffic stops for both civilians and law enforcement.

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During his freshman year at Loyola University, Price created The Safety Pouch as part of an assignment to develop a product that could bring change to society. As communities urgently demanded calls for racial justice and transparency in policing, Price recalled his idea, which he thought of at the age of 16, as he and his parents sat and had “The Talk.”

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With his professor’s assistance, he developed a business plan, as law professors do offer some pro bono advice.  Price launched the Safety Pouch as an e-commerce brand online after sourcing manufacturers. He brought it to market in June of 2020, and within two years, The Safety Pounch saw astounding growth exceeding six figures.

Although it may sound like a dream, the journey has been far from easy. With the love and support of his family, he started his small bedroom operation business. Price fueled his concept during the pandemic, slowly making progress by hand-selling pouches at car washes, producing slow online sales and the support of local Black-owned businesses.

With the assistance of high-profile appearances and endorsements from celebrities, Price’s product went viral on social media, earning a media grant offered by the Meredith Corporation valued at $100,000.

“Gaining the opportunity to expand into 400 national brick and mortar locations is truly life-changing,” David Price, CEO And Founder of The Safety Pouch shared. “With this expansion, I hope to get The Safety Pouch in the hands of people who need it the most and contribute to restoring trust and security between civilians and law enforcement.”

To learn more about The Safety Pouch, be sure to visit thesafetypouch.com, and look for it in a local Walmart near you. Also, you can follow the brand on Instagram/Twitter (@thesafetypouch) and Facebook (The Safety Pouch). About The Safety Pouch.