Lufthansa sees Europe, U.S. flight demand surge

Lufthansa says demand for flights to the U.S. and Europe is soaring.

That's after Germany loosened travel restrictions.

The airline group said bookings for flights to New York, Miami and Los Angeles have increased by up to 300%.

It plans to lay on extra flights from June, and has restarted services to Orlando and Atlanta.

The airline is also seeing a threefold jump in demand for flights to European holiday destinations, such as Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

On Tuesday (May 18) Lufthansa called for clear government guidance on how air travel can be revived.

Plans for an EU-wide digital health pass, which would provide proof of immunity, are still in the works, and not expected to roll out until late June.

It's also unclear how travelers visiting from outside the EU would be covered by the scheme.

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