Luis Arráez giving big boost in AVG category

Chris Crawford explains that the metrics back up Luis Arráez's elite hitting, but cautions that he won't help managers in the power department.

Video Transcript

CHRIS CRAWFORD: At this point in his career, it is very obvious what Luis Arráez's strengths and weaknesses are. Over the last couple of weeks, it's been very hard to care about any weaknesses. In that time frame, Arráez's slashing a sensational 451, 548, 490 while scoring 16 runs and stealing a couple of bases as well.

It goes without saying, he's not capable of keeping up this kind of run, because we're not talking about Ted Williams in his prime or Mike Trout playing in a softball league. But Arráez has the skill set to make these kind of things happen. His WHIP percentage is the best in baseball, and unsurprisingly, he ranks as one of the toughest hitters to strikeout as well.

It's even more impressive to rank high in that latter category, however, because the 25-year-old is a patient hitter who doesn't chase pitches and ranks in the 95th percentile in bases on balls. So it's not him swinging early and often. There are, of course, negatives with this kind of profile, as there aren't many hitters who have a worse hard hit percentage or barrel to baseball less. All that being said, Arráez is the type of hitter who can make you a category winner in the average category. Just keep in mind that it does come with some empty calories in some other places.