Lukashenk confirmed Belarus' participation in the war in Ukraine: but only by aid to Russian soldiers and Ukrainian refugees


The self-proclaimed President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has confirmed that Belarus is taking part in the war in Ukraine, but is doing so allegedly by treating wounded Russian soldiers and providing food and shelter to Ukrainian refugees.

Source: Lukashenko-controlled Telegram channel "Pul pervogo"

Quote from Lukashenko at a meeting on military security on 4 October: "As far as our participation in the special military operation in Ukraine is concerned, we are indeed taking part. We are not hiding it. But we don't kill anyone. We don't send our military personnel anywhere. We don't violate our commitments. We are not violating our obligations."

Details: Lukashenko made the point that Belarus' participation is aimed at "preventing the spread of this conflict to the territory of Belarus." Its purpose is also to prevent a strike on Belarus "under the cover of a special military operation by Poland, Lithuania and Latvia", because "no one must use the territory of Belarus to shoot the Russians in the back."

Quote from Lukashenko: "Yes, we offer medical aid to people. We've treated people where necessary. Yes, we feed people. And not only Russians. Most of all, we feed those refugees, those beggars, those poor people, 400-500 people per day, who come to Belarus from Ukraine. How can we refuse them food or medical treatment? That’s what our participation in this military operation is. There is no other and never will be."

Why this is important: Russia used the territory of Belarus as a base to attack Ukraine in February and continues to use it to launch missile attacks on peaceful Ukrainian cities.

Although Belarusian troops are not directly involved in the war in Ukraine, Lukashenko panders to Putin in every possible way, supporting his bloody war and making the territory of Belarus available for the movement of Russian military equipment and the deployment of deadly long-range weapons.

In November 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Lukashenko, his Belarusian counterpart, signed the integration decree of the Union State [an organisation aiming to deepen the relationship between Russia and Belarus through integration in economic and defence policy].


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