Lukashenko claims to be in charge of Russian forces in Belarus

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Alexander Lukashenko, the self-styled President of Belarus, claimed during the address to the Belarusian people that it is he who controls the Russian forces in the territory of Belarus, not his Russian counterpart.

Source: Byelorussian news outlet Nasha Niva

Quote: "The troops are undergoing combat training, ready to take joint efforts to protect our common security space. Stop saying Russia occupied something here. All these Russian units are training 500 Belarusian officers. Battle formation and training are ongoing. The Russian forces are providing us with armament and financial aid if needed. [They are] under our command."

Details: It is not the first time that Lukashenko expresses his indignation about a popular belief that it is not him but Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, who is in charge of the army.


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