Lumber Shortage Causing Issues For Those Building Everything From Fences To Homes

The price of lumber is up about 180% since last spring.

Video Transcript

- A lumber shortage is bringing sticker shock to people building a home or improving the one they have.

- Yeah, it's also increasing the price of that new fence or a deck that you are hoping for. Shawn Chitnis has more on what's causing the issue and advice from contractors on how to keep costs low.

SHAWN CHITNIS: The price of lumber is up around 180% since last spring. According to the National Association of Home Builders, that's adding thousands of dollars to the price of new homes. And it's also affecting smaller projects like a new deck or fence.

ERIC PINEDA: Business is so far good, as long as we can keep material going.

SHAWN CHITNIS: Eric Pineda owns Solid Fence Service, and says it's a constant struggle to get lumber at the right price.

ERIC PINEDA: It's definitely a tough time for getting material, to get Solid Fence projects done.

SHAWN CHITNIS: He says it started at the beginning of the pandemic.

ERIC PINEDA: Last year, since everybody was at home, everybody started doing work on their yard, and they started noticing their fence. So then everybody needed a fence. When everybody needed a fence, we ran out of material.

SHAWN CHITNIS: Businesses and their customers are facing a couple of challenges when it comes to the shortage of lumber. First, the type of wood you want may not be there when it's actually time to start your project. And then the price, it could change from the estimate to when you actually buy those supplies.

ERIC PINEDA: You just got to make sure you know what you're getting beforehand.

SHAWN CHITNIS: That change in price and supply on a weekly basis compared to steady rates and resources all season from now through the summer. Pineda says he even travels an hour north sometimes to get a better price.

ERIC PINEDA: You want a fence replaced, I would just jump on it right away. The sooner the better.

SHAWN CHITNIS: Lumber may remain in short supply until production increases, and a new trade deal brings more options into our market. Shawn Chitnis, covering Colorado first.