Lunch Break: Flat Peaches

Michael Marks shows us donut, or flat peaches in this edition of the Lunch Break.

Video Transcript

- Well, it is time for your lunch break this Monday morning. Michael Marks, your produce man is here with some flat peaches.

MICHAEL MARKS: Yeah. Those are words you don't hear from your produce man very often. Let's go eat a donut. Well, let's go eat a donut. Take a look at these. Somebody sat on my peach. Here's a regular peach. Somebody sat on it, turned it into a donut peach. Actually, the name came from the same folks who gave us the kiwifruit, Frieda Caplan. Her daughter, Karen Caplan, was in a meeting when these first arrived at their distribution center. First time they had seen them. And she said, it looks just like a donut. So that's why we have the donut peach today.

Frieda Caplan from Frieda's Finest named it for us. But this is actually not a new peach. This is actually one of the oldest peaches in the world. To the great Khans of China and to the great dynasties in China, this was known as the pinto peach. Pinto is a Chinese word for saucer or plate. Kind of looks like a saucer. Sometimes you find it marketed as a Saturn peach. I love these things. These are undeniably one of my favorite peaches on the face of the planet.

If you do not like getting your hands dirty with all the juice and the syrup of a peach, then this is the Peach for you. If you have kids or grandkids, little kindergarteners can even eat this peach and keep their hands clean, even in the car.

So here's what I want you to do. You take your knife, you're just going to score this peach all the way around just like so. Don't let the kids do that. You do that. Now you can just take that peach and just twist it right off. Now look at this. Your fingers are touching the skin of the peach and you're not going to be getting all of that juice and syrup all over your hands. And by the way, this is a white flesh peach. Most of them are all white flesh peaches, which means they have a lower acid, which means they taste sweeter.

Let me just tell you how good this is. Oh my goodness. I think I'm just going to eat all of these for lunch today and I'll be just fine. It's called a donut peach or a flat peach. Go out and have a donut. I give you permission. Back to you guys.

- Michael said it. We can have a donut in the form of a peach.

- Yeah. I just saw him like five minutes ago. Did he offer me one of these? No.

- No.

- He did not.

- Not one at all.

- I'm very upset with him. Well, dog gonnit.