Lunch Break: Salad Weather

Our produce man Michael Marks has the best deals in seasonal fruits and veggies.

Video Transcript

- Time for Lunch Break and produce man Michael Marks is here with how to cut the perfect salad.

Michael Marks: Yeah, Cody, man, it's getting hot out there. And that means it's salad weather, and I hope all of you are eating a lot more salads. Put the soup pot away. Put the stew pot away. Get out your salad bowls. Get out your knife because I'm going to teach you, over the next few weeks, I'm going to teach you how to cut up all the different vegetables that go into your salad.

So, of course, what do we start with in your salad? Yes, we're going to start with lettuce. In fact, we're going to start with iceberg lettuce.

Now most people think iceberg lettuce has no nutrition. Uh-uh. This has more vitamin K than almost any other fruit or vegetable. Vitamin K, [SPANISH] for women, especially for their bones, very, very important.

So what you're going to do, you're going to take where it was cut, gonna bang it, and that way, you can pull out the core because this-- you know, lettuce is related to the milkweed, very bitter, so that core is very bitter. Now before you go ahead and chop this up, I want you to cut off the very top because the very top-- let me show you something-- very top becomes wraps. If you want to do a burger, if you want to do a sandwich, the tops become your wraps. So now you put that to the side.

Now you're going to cut it north pole to south pole. Put it on the side. Cut it into probably half inch to an inch wide.

Put that to the side. Now just chop it up. Now there you go.

Let's do this one as well. Then we're going to do some romaine because romaine is almost a little tricky as well. Let me show you-- look at that. Less than 30 seconds we got lettuce.

Now the tops here are very bitter. See all that green, very dark green? That is chlorophyll, and chlorophyll can actually be bitter. So you're just going to rip that off.

Now most people will take this and cut it off right here. Don't do that, no. Hold it together, right?

So now you're going to take your knife from north pole to south pole. You're going to cut 1, 2, 3. Now you can go down and cut it again, inch, half inch, whatever you want.

Let's do it one more time just so you could see. North pole to south pole, cut off the very top because it's going to be very bitter. North pole, south pole, one, turn it, second, now turn it, now you got a third. And see that? That is holding everything together, so that's very important.

Tonight, just go down. And look at that, in less than two minutes, we have chopped up a huge salad just for you. So you bring the dressing, I'll bring the salad. Hey, back to you, guys.