Lyft launches new features to ease holiday travel stress, 'extra comfort' mode

HOUSTON - In a bid to alleviate the stress of holiday travel, rideshare giant Lyft has announced the introduction of several new features. The company is committed to ensuring that scheduled rides to airports arrive on time, offering passengers peace of mind during this busy season.

Lyft is taking its commitment a step further by guaranteeing that if a driver is more than ten minutes late, passengers will receive up to $100 in Lyft credits.

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If a Lyft scheduled ride fails to arrive on time, riders will still be eligible for the Lyft credit, regardless of the alternative they choose such as a taxi or Uber.

Recognizing the need for comfort during holiday travel, Lyft has also introduced a new feature called "Extra Comfort" mode. This feature ensures that passengers can enjoy a roomier ride with top-rated drivers, making their journey as comfortable as possible. Additionally, Extra Comfort mode offers assistance with luggage, alleviating the burden of carrying heavy bags during this hectic time.

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These new features are designed to enhance the overall travel experience for Lyft customers, providing them with reliable and comfortable transportation options during the holiday season. By prioritizing punctuality and passenger comfort, Lyft aims to make holiday travel stress-free and enjoyable for all riders.

Whether you're heading to the airport or attending a holiday party, Lyft's new features are here to help you navigate the busy season with ease.