Lynnwood councilmember Josh Binda announces bid for Congress

Lynnwood councilmember Josh Binda officially announced he is running for Congress at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

He stood in front of Edmonds College, the same place he announced his run for Lynnwood city council three years ago.

“I will be running for Congress here in District Two Washington state,” Binda said. “And I say this now, thank you guys because I think we’re in desperate need of a new face.”

“I think we’re in desperate need of a new leadership and a new voice that’s ready to bring innovative ideas,” he continued.

The 24-year-old Binda is in his first term on the city council, where he made history as the youngest BIPOC to be elected in the state.

If elected, he would become the youngest Black person ever elected to Congress.

Binda made headlines last year after he was accused of misusing campaign funds, violating his oath of office, and using a shirtless photo to promote a school speaking tour.

A recall effort was brought forward against Binda, but he defeated those efforts just three weeks ago.

Binda faces 22-year incumbent Democrat Rick Larsen.