‘I’m feeling great’: Biden responds to health questions days after testing positive for COVID-19

During a meeting on semiconductors at the White House, President Biden, who attended virtually, answered questions about how he’s feeling days after testing positive for COVID-19.

Video Transcript

- Mr. President, how are you feeling with COVID?

JOE BIDEN: I'm feeling great. I've had two full nights of sleep all the way through. Matter of fact, my dog had to wake me up this morning. My wife's not here. She usually takes him out in the morning when I'm upstairs working out. So I felt this nuzzle of my dog's nose against my chest about five minutes to 7:00.

So no. But I'm feeling good. My voice is still raspy. I've had, every morning, every afternoon, I mean, every evening, I get a full-blown series of tests, everything from the temperature to the oxygen in my blood to my pulse to, I mean, just across the board. And so far, everything's good. I mean, everything's on the button.

And so I'm feeling better every day. I still have this little bit of a sore throat and a little bit of a cough. But it's changing significantly. It's now up in the upper part of my throat actually. It's more around my nose than anywhere else. And but they tell me that's par for the course. And I think I'm on my way to full, total recovery, God willing.

- When do you think you'll be back to work in person, Mr. President?

JOE BIDEN: Well, I hope I'm back to work in person by the end of this week. But as you know, I've been keeping a full schedule. I mean, I've done four major events today. And I didn't start today until 9:30. But and I'll finish today probably by-- what time is it now? I'll finish about 6:30.

Plus, I'm not keeping the same hours. But I'm meeting all my requirements that come before me. And we're making decisions on a whole range of other topics as well.