‘I’m the president of the United States!’: Trump lashes out at reporter

President Trump berated a journalist on Thursday after being asked if he would concede the election if the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden.

Video Transcript

DONALD TRUMP: And it's going to be a very hard thing to concede, because we know there was massive fraud. So as to whether or not I can get this apparatus moving this quickly, because time isn't on our side-- everything else is on our side. Facts are on our side-- this was a massive fraud that should never take place in this country. We're like a third world country.

No, I can't say that at all. I think it's a possibility. They're trying to-- look, between you people-- don't answer-- don't talk to me that way. You're just a lightweight. Don't talk to me that way. Don't talk to-- I'm the President of the United States. Don't ever talk to the President that way. I'm going to go with another question. Go ahead.