Should MA Schools Reopen This Fall? Take Patch's Survey

Mike Carraggi

One way or another, Massachusetts schools are expected to be back in session later this year.

The state last week released long-awaited back-to-school guidelines, laying out the precautions and safety measures that will define students' in-class learning experiences. Among them are a lot of masks, frequent hand-washing, eating at desks and isolation rooms.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education also told school districts to have three plans: Returning to in-class learning, continuing remote learning and a mixture of the two.

While the goal is to "start the school year with as many of our students as possible returning to in-person settings — safely," education officials acknowledge they are at the mercy of the coronavirus. If health metrics take a turn during what many experts expect to be a fall spike in COVID-19 infections, school could end up looking a lot like it did the last couple months.

Some parents who desperately want their children back in class are balancing those desires with fears of potentially exposing their children — and themselves — to COVID-19.

In an informal survey earlier this month, Patch readers overwhelmingly supported a mask requirement when school reopens. Eighty-six percent of some 9,000 people who took the survey said schools should require masks.

How are you feeling about schools reopening in the fall? Take the survey below to share your thoughts.

The survey is not meant to be a scientific poll, with random sampling and margins of error, but is meant only to gauge the sentiments of our readers in an informal way. Results will be posted Thursday.

This article originally appeared on the Boston Patch