Mac Jones On The Learning Process At Patriots OTAs, His Relationship With Cam Newton

Mac Jones has a lot to learn in the NFL, but he had a bunch of good teachers in the Patriots' quarterback room to help him along the way.

Video Transcript

MAC JONES: Yeah, it's been good. I mean, you're going to have good days. You're going to have bad days. But honestly, you just got to take it day by day and don't look forward to tomorrow. And don't look back at yesterday. You're just-- be where your feet are and, you know-- I've got a chance to meet and, obviously, be with all the rookies. And that's been a lot of fun. And we're kind of all going through it. And the veteran players are all setting the example. So we're all just trying to be the best Patriots we can be.

And, yeah, it's not going to be perfect every day. And it's hard when you're competitive and you want it to be really good every day. But it's not going to be like that at first. And then, eventually, you get it, and then things start rolling your way.

- And what's been your relationship with Cam Newton been like so far? How helpful has he been to you individually?

MAC JONES: Yeah, it's been good. I mean, he calls me "Mac and Cheese," so I got my nickname. But he's done an awesome job being a good mentor. And he brings great energy. And Brian and Jarrett have done a good job helping me in the film room. And all three of them-- I just watch their reps and learn as much as I can.

You know, you don't have to be in on that play to learn. So I just have to figure out how to do that. And I've been getting a lot better just watching tape and learning how to do that. And they've helped me in that regard.