Mac Jones reportedly still thinks he’s playing against the Packers

Don’t close the book on New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones playing in Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers.

It seemed like a foregone conclusion that the Patriots would be making the long trek to Lambeau Field to face Aaron Rodgers and company with Brian Hoyer as their starting quarterback. Jones is still recovering from an ankle injury he suffered in the Week 3 matchup with the Baltimore Ravens.

He reportedly has a “severe” high ankle sprain, which generally takes up to six weeks to heal. Coach Bill Belichick said Jones had made “a lot of progress” in Wednesday’s media conference, and it would appear as if the second-year quarterback is actually telling teammates not to count him out from playing in Week 4.

Unless Jones has suddenly morphed into Wolverine with rapid healing abilities, it’s hard to envision anyone coming back from the sort of injury he suffered so quickly.

Hoyer even took questions from the media, which is typically a strong indication that he’ll be the one playing under center for the Patriots. But it’s also strange that Jones would be telling teammates there’s still hope for him to play in the game.

Even if he doesn’t play on Sunday, would that mean he’s close enough to return where the Patriots wouldn’t consider moving him to IR? Perhaps this is all much ado about nothing but mind games from the team heading into a tough matchup with the Packers.

This latest twist has made a once bleak game so much more intriguing.


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Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire