Mad Bets: Vegas oddsmaker recalls taking $2.1 million in bets

Veteran oddsmaker Dave Sharapan tells a story on the time he took over $2 million in bets before the Steelers-Packers game in 2011.

Video Transcript

DAVE SHARAPAN: My name is Dave Sharapan, and this is My Storytime From the Book.

So a guy walks into the Sportsbook-- this is 2011, Packers-Steelers. At 6:30 in the morning, guy walks in and says, I want to bet the Super Bowl. OK, for how much? A million dollars.

No problem, buddy. When you get the money, just come back and let us know and we'll take the bet. He bends down, disappears from the counter, stands up, and boom, there's a bag right there on my counter. Unzips the bag, and neatly shrunk-wrapped is $1.1 million. He's going to bet the Packers.

I go in the back, tell the boys-- there's a guy here. He wants to bet the Packers for a million dollars. Well, who is it? I don't know, but he's out there. Take the bet, count the money, and we're good. Boom.

I hand the guy the ticket and I said, hey man, you want to take a seat up in the VIP? Anything you want, it's yours. And he looks at me dead in the eye and goes, man, I'm not even staying to watch the game, and walked out of the Book.

18 minutes, later a guy comes running into the Book. He's screaming my name. Dave! Dave! Dave!

I want to bet the game! I want to bet the game! I want the Steelers.

I said, how much? A million! A million!

I said, all right, you know, where's the cash? And he pulls out a bag, and his bag looked a lot different than the first bag. It just was not a nice bag. The money was somewhere, I don't know where. But OK, I'll be right back.

I go back in the back and tell the boys, you're not going to believe this, but your man's out here and he wants to bet a million dollars on the Steelers to win the Super Bowl. So we counted the money again. The money counter's got a full work out, really fast. He took off, and my dilemma was, where do I put all this money? And I realized in 15 minutes I just handled $2.1 million.

The next customer approaches the counter-- here we go. I just took $2.1 million, what do you want on the game? And the guy says I want a $5 18-parlay. And that's my Super Bowl story.