‘Made my day’: Boys learn to make bouquets for special Mother’s Day surprises

Mother’s Day is a day we all try to make our moms feel special, and it’s coming up this Sunday. But even the simplest thing, like making her a bouquet of flowers, is something not everyone has the opportunity to do.

Picking out bundles of bright, colorful blossoms is a delicate task that a group of west Charlotte boys has never experienced.

“These kids face some difficult challenges at times,” said Charles Robinson with West Boulevard Ministries.

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Along with the organization’s founder Bart Noonan, they brought kids from their ministries to the Harris Teeter on Park Road to have an experience they’ll never forget.

It was Jeremy Boone’s idea. He’s a performance coach who is the creator of the “Winning Leader” program.

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A few weeks back, he took a kid to get flowers for his mother. The kid had never bought or made a bouquet of flowers and his mother had only received them a couple times in her life.

He said that’s when he knew he needed to show others the simple task.

He set up tables outside the grocery store, and when the kids arrived they went inside to hand-pick the petals they wanted to give their moms.

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Then outside, the boys learned how to make bouquets on the tables Boone had set up.

Ten-year-old Messiah Gill is manifesting the moment he gets to deliver the precious petals. It’s a moment brought by Jeremy Boone and men from West Boulevard Ministries, who made sure to show the kids how to ensure their moms feel loved.

“What are you going to say when you give them to her? What’re you thinking?” Boone asked.

“Happy Mother’s Day and I love you,” Gill said.

“Have you ever given your mother flowers like this?” Boone asked.

“No,” Gill replied.

Many of the boys haven’t ever given flowers to their moms. They all waited patiently for their turn to build a bouquet, wrapping them in love and handling them with care.

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They learned how to cut the stems at an angle, how to measure them for a vase, how to arrange the greenery versus the flowers and how to tie them up.

Then, they loaded back up in the van with Noonan and Robinson and headed back to West Boulevard Ministries.

That’s when JB and Freddy’s mom arrived. She walked up to pick up her sons and a magical moment ensued.

“Well thank you! You done made my day,” Tangela Allen said. “That is so beautiful. Thank you, baby.”

Flowers don’t come often for Allen.

“Whole lifetime, maybe four times, maybe five,” she said.

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It’s why the moment meant so much. Along with the bouquets, her boys JB and Freddy handed her a handwritten letter, sending a clear message.

“It made my day,” Allen said. “Just you know. We’ve been through a lot. And sometimes I feel like, do they care? And this right here means a lot.”

“To love on your mom while she’s alive is an awesome thing,” Robinson added.

He said these are the lessons and the moments he believes matter most.

“We’re trying to teach these kids to replace us one day. And that’s a seed that just won’t go away,” Robinson said.

It’s a seed that’s sure to bloom, thanks to a Mother’s Day mission that was accomplished.

To learn more about West Boulevard Ministries, click here.

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