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Madison Beer Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions

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Madison Beer takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about herself. Who is Madison Beer's best friend? Is Madison a Kpop idol? Is she from Long Island? How was she discovered? Madison answers all these questions and more!Catch Madison Beer on "The Life Support Tour" kicking off October 18. For dates, details, and tickets info, go here - https://www.madisonbeer.com/live/

Video Transcript

MADISON BEER: Hey, guys. It's Madison Beer and this is the WIRED Autocomplete Interview.


What a satisfying noise, by the way. So let's give some ASMR for the kids. I've watched every single one of these videos. And the fact that I'm holding a board, this is an honor. We're going to begin. First question-- I can't believe I'm doing this. First question, what is Madison Beer? I found this out the tough way. There is a beer company in Wisconsin that is called Madison Beer. The reason that I know this is because I had to pay them for their Twitter handle online.

My Twitter handle used to be @MadisonLBeer, which is my middle name. They had @MadisonBeer, and I had to pay them a pretty penny. Just kidding, it wasn't that much money, but I but I did have to pay them and now I know that there is a beer company in Madison, Wisconsin called Madison Beer, but Madison Beer is also a little girl and she is me.

What song is Madison Beer known for? So this question I think would probably be up for debate. I would say "Selfish" probably did it for me. I think that I would like to say that's what I'm known for. It's my favorite song of mine, so I'm going to say "Selfish". I'm going to go with my single, "Selfish." And if you haven't heard it, go check it out. Next question, what is Madison Beer's vocal range? I've never been classified, like, a soprano or an alto or anything like that. I've kind of just always sang.

What is Madison Beer's fandom name? Ah, I should have seen this one coming. This is a topic of discussion amongst my fans. So when I was, I think, 13 or 14, I thought it was genius to call my fans "Imadginers." I-M-A-D-G-I-N-E-R-S. So like, I-Mad-giners. Clearly, a 13-year-old made that up. That is not what my fandom is called. I refuse to call my friends Imadginers. They always are like, what are we called? And I don't know. I don't know.

I think that I'll let them pick it. I'm more than happy for their creative juices to flow and they can come up with it. I will literally call you guys anything but Imadginers. I just called them my friends. Honestly, they're like my homies, and I don't feel like I have necessarily a fandom, I feel like I have got a family, not to be too corny. Let's move on.

What Madison Beer TikToks. Is that grammatically correct? Am I reading that wrong? What Madison Beer TikToks. Like, what do I do on TikTok? I cry sometimes. I've-- just kidding. Board number one, down the hatch. Guys, I could do this for hours. I love this. Next board. This is so fun by the way.

Who is Madison Beer's best friend? So I would say that my best friend is this girl named Lena. I met Lena online. She-- to make a very, like, long-winded story, a beautiful story short, one of the best things social media has ever brought to me. She wrote this really compelling and perceptive basically, like, read on me and she just basically posted something being, like, I see her true colors and I know her heart and I think that, you know, she just-- she just saw me, and I don't feel seen a lot by a lot of people.

And so I DM'd her and I was like, who are you? I love you. You're so smart and so intuitive and perceptive, and I want to be friends with you. And it's been almost two years since she's been my best friend. She spent a couple of months with me in LA and it's been really beautiful. So my best friend, her name is Lena. And she is my Earth angel, and I love her more than anything.

Who is Tyler Durden Madison Beer? Tyler Durden is the character in "Fight Club", Brad Pitt's character in "Fight Club", also my favorite movie of all time. I wrote a song called "Tyler Durden" and it was on my debut EP, "As She Pleases", and it's definitely my favorite off of the whole EP, so check that out. But don't check it out if you haven't seen the movie, because it's kind of a spoiler, but watch the movie. Why haven't you seen that movie?

OK, who did Madison Beer voice in "Monster High"? OK, this question, this is a common misconception. I didn't voice anyone in "Monster High", sadly enough. I sang a version of a theme song years and years and years ago called, "We Are Monster High." It was very cool. I got my own doll. Awesome experience working with Mattel. Like, it was really, really cool, but I didn't voice anybody. Like, I wish I was, what's her name? Frankie Stein. I wish I was one of them. I did not get to do that, though, but I've also always wanted to be a voice actor.

I can do a really mean "Rick and Morty" impression, which don't even ask, I'm not doing it, but I can do one. And yeah, I didn't get to voice anyone though and I did-- but I did sing a theme song. Who Madison Beer "Outer Banks"? You're asking me? You're asking the wrong person. I have no idea. I have no idea. I'm not in "Outer Banks". Madelyn Cline, I think, is what you meant, right? But I'll take it. I'll take the complement. Thank you for mistaking me for Madelyn Cline.

Yay. OK, is Madison Beer a K-pop idol? Awe, I don't-- I wouldn't consider myself a k-pop idol, but I did a K-pop song/feature with this group called KDA for "League of Legends", which is a video game, and we did this little girl group with-- Actually, I did it with a K-pop band called (G)I-DLE, which, they're amazing and incredible.

So I guess I have made a K-pop song, but I wouldn't say I'm a K-pop idol. I wouldn't give myself that, but it's definitely done very well and people have taken a liking to it. And I actually got to perform in Seoul, in South Korea, like, two or three years ago and it was the most incredible experience and I miss South Korea a lot. It's such a beautiful place.

OK, is Madison Beer from Long Island? You know it, baby. What you talking about? Of course I'm from Long Island. I grew up in Long Island, which isn't-- Sorry if I'm offending any Long Islanders, but I'm a Long Islander so I can say it. It's not as cool as Manhattan, it's just not. So whenever I tell people I'm from New York, I'm just hoping they just assume Manhattan and they don't ask me.

But, I think the "Wolf of Wall Street" kind of put Long Island on a little bit and now people are like, oh my God, can you do the Margot Robbie accent? I'm like, yeah, I can do the Margot Robbie accent. I can give you her whole little spiel. Ready? OK. She says, well, aren't you married? He says, yeah, but married people can have friends? Oh, we're going to be friends? We're not going to be friends. There's my Margot Robbie "Wolf of Wall Street" impression everybody. But yeah, I love being from Long Island. I love the accent. Maybe I should start, the rest of the video we're going to talk like this.

So let's keep it going. Is Madison Beer left handed? I'm not left-handed. I'm right-- I'm right-handed. Maybe I-- I don't-- yeah, no, I'm not left-handed. OK, is Madison Beer a Pisces? Of course I'm a Pisces. I'm a Pisces, rising Gemini, moon Libra, Scorpio Mars. I can keep going if you want me to. I can read my whole birth chart off.

I am a Pisces. I actually wasn't always into astrology, to be completely honest with you. I got into it because literally, no joke, I was at a concert and I was walking down the aisle and this woman literally came up to me and was like, you have the most beautiful, radiant Pisces energy. And I was like, in my head, am I even a Pisces? And I was like, how do you know that? But I'm very, very, very into astrology and I really believe in it and I'm also, like, on a whole spiritual journey and whatever. So I am a Pisces, proud to be one.

OK, is Madison Beer in "Final Destination"? Is there a character who looks like me and "Final Destination"? I am not in "Final Destination".

I've actually never seen it because I remember hearing about a scene in it when I was younger that was very disturbing and I was like, I don't want to watch someone get their head cut off on a roller coaster, like, no thank you. I'm not in "Final Destination". I've never even seen it, to be honest, and that's the end of board number three. Let's keep it going.

Now we got some hows. All right, how was Madison Beer discovered? I was discovered at 12-years-old on YouTube. I was posting covers, singing some songs and Mr. Justin Bieber saw one of them and I was signed to him and Scooter and all that stuff and it was a very-- It was a whirlwind, you know? I'm a random kid from Long Island, New York and it doesn't happen. So it was pretty trippy that it happened to me. It's been, literally, 10 years since then and I will always be eternally grateful to Justin for the initial kick start and believing in me, you know, at the beginning. So it was very cool. It's very, very, very cool for me.

How to sing like Madison Beer. Awe, that's so sweet. I wish I could tell you. I don't know. Honestly, I would just listen to as many covers or songs of mine as you can. And if you want to copy it, do it. It's nothing but a compliment to me. But also, sing like you. I want to hear you sing. Sing your own version of my song.

I love-- I love hearing people just be themselves and yeah. So don't sing like me, sing like you. How-- How to hit Madison Beer riff? OK, so I'm going to assume this is referring to the riff in "Selfish", which went viral on TikTok, which was so cool because I actually wish I had my phone on me I could play you guys the original version.

So when we initially did the "Selfish" riff, it went down, which I couldn't even do it if I tried because the high one is so implanted in my brain. But like, it went down and I remember listening to the demo and just being, like, this doesn't feel right. I'm not into it. And I tried so many different runs to go up and I couldn't nail it.

And then literally, like, two days before we send it to master, I was like, let me try one more thing and I accidentally did my one that made it in the song and it turned out, people liked it and it was so great. Just practice. It's not that hard, to be honest. It probably sounds harder than it is. It's fun, it's not that many notes.

(SINGING) Don't know why I look the other way. [VOCALIZING]

It's not that many notes. [VOCALIZING] You got it. It's easy.

How to be like Madison Beer? Why would you want to be like me, it's not what it shapes up to be, I promise. I promise you What you're seeing online and what you think you know about me and what you think you know about anybody is probably not even a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what reality is. So, don't get too hung up on that.

And please remember that, like, you are seeing what we and everyone wants you to see. Don't get yourself in a comparison hole of, like, looking at other people's lives, relationships, looks, success. You don't see what goes on behind the scenes, and I promise you, there's a lot of it. So just remember that you-- you should be you. You don't need to be like me. I promise. Let's move on.

All right, this one's quick. Does Madison Beer play "LOL"? Oh, I'm like, what's "LOL"? "League of Legends." I've tried it, I'm terrible at it. Does Madison Beer speak Spanish? [SPEAKING SPANISH]. Was that even right? I don't know. I tried to learn French in quarantine and I don't know how to say much, but if I'm trying to flirt with somebody I'll say, [SPEAKING FRENCH] Which means, basically, you'll never understand how much I love you.

Does Madison Beer have tattoos? She has 12, in fact. They are predominantly and a majority of them are on my feet. That's why you don't see them, that's why you don't know about them. I really love this one of my ring finger. It says "eventually." It's a reference to the Tame Impala song "Eventually," but I also just think it has a greater meaning of just, like, things will happen in time, be patient, don't rush life. Let it happen. I like that one the best.

Does Madison Beer play piano? I do play piano. I would not say that I'm, like, a pianist or I'm good, but I do play piano. I can get by pretty well. I can play all the chords, and yeah, I love piano. It's the best. Does Madison Beer have siblings? I do. I'm actually repping him right now. My little brother, Ryder, goes to the Berklee School of Music, and he's amazing.

He wants to be a producer, and he has most talent. And he's the cutest, sweetest, most angelic, and I love him so much. He's literally my world. So I do, my baby brother, Ryder. Yeah, Ryder and I haven't fully done a collab yet, but we're planning on it. We're going to, you know, he's got some work to do, but we're going to do it together. We're going to do it.

- Final board.

MADISON BEER: I'm sad. Why, why, why Madison Beer? I'm going to assume that's a reference to my song, "Dead."

(SINGING) Why why, why, why? Why, why, why, why?

That's my song "Dead" and I say that, I say the word why-- I actually would love to do a why count of how many times I say it. I'm not sure off the top of my head, but I do say it a lot. Why why why Madison Beer? I ask myself the same thing every day. It's definitely one of my, like, core songs I would say. It is a landmark song for me. It was my first song as an independent artist. It was, like, a really just a special song.

I actually also just really love the messaging behind it, because I feel like now also that I'm older, I like have understood the messaging a little bit more, which is, like, if you say you can't live without me, why aren't you dead yet? It basically is just, like, you know, keeping somebody accountable for their word, and that's kind of the premise of the song. Obviously not literally. Don't take it literal.

Madison Beer Olivia Rodrigo. I don't know if this is a question or a statement, but I love Olivia Rodrigo. I think she's so talented. I think her music is incredible and she's so pretty and cute and sweet seeming. I don't know her, but she seems adorable. So Madison Beer Olivia Rodrigo, question mark? Olivia, hit a girl up. But yeah, she's amazing and I'm really, really proud of her and all her success. I'm, like, blown away by everything she releases. Proud to be grouped in with someone like her.

Where does Madison Beer get her hoops? I really am not like a, I need to wear expensive hoops. To be fair, I can't wear fake jewelry. My ears will literally, like, turn green, and I have, like, genuine allergic reactions to fake jewelry. So I do get at least like gold plated jewelry, but it doesn't run you up too much. Where is Madison Beer right now? Right now, I am in my home in Long Island, New York. Very happy to be here.

- He's not ready.

MADISON BEER: Zero, are you ready for your debut? I can't. He's the cutest thing. Look at the size of this thing. Hi, baby. Hello. You're wet. Why are you wet? Were you running around somewhere? Nothing really came as a surprise to me. These were all great questions and I'm very happy with how it turned out. All right, WIRED, thank you so much for having me. This was a dream come true. I've literally wanted to do one of these my entire life. So thank you so much. Thanks. Say thank you, Zero. We'll see you guys soon. Love you.