Madison County Clerk's Office relocates to better serve community

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May 13—The Madison County Clerk's Office successfully completed relocation of its Richmond branch on April 10.

The new office, located at 321 North Madison Avenue, is an existing county-owned facility and has provided significant benefits to the county government and its residents.

According to a release, this strategic move has separated the judicial and administrative functions of government, resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness for both areas.

The new location has enabled the clerk's office to consolidate all of its services in one room, providing a more streamlined process for residents and visitors. This move has also allowed the county to realize significant cost savings, which will ultimately benefit the taxpayers.

"We are no longer mixing court representatives with someone needing to renew car tags or get a marriage license," said Madison County Clerk Kenny Barger. "This makes it better for our citizens."

Streamlined Legal Proceedings

As part of the relocation, the previous site of the clerk's office and entire courthouse is undergoing a total renovation to better accommodate the Madison County Circuit Courts and related judicial functions. This move will help to create a more efficient process for the county's legal proceedings, while maintaining the separation between the administrative and judicial functions of government and giving the judicial space needed for the county's nearly 100,000 population.

Improved Customer Experience

According to the clerk's office, the new facility offers a modern and welcoming environment for both employees and visitors, with ample space and improved amenities.

This move has allowed the county to optimize its existing resources and better serve the community by delivering top-notch services efficiently and effectively.

"We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and are excited about the opportunities this new location presents. "Our goal for the clerk's office has always been to run the most customer-focused and cost-effective clerk's office in the Commonwealth and this once again was the focus of our relocation," said Barger.

Easy Accessibility

The location of the new facility is just a three-minute drive or an eight-minute walk from the courthouse, making it easily accessible for county residents.

There is parking right in front of the building and it is truly a "one-stop shop where you can get everything you need from the clerk's office in a single space," a release noted.

"Whether you are renewing your boat tags, getting a passport, transferring a vehicle, looking up a deed, or filing for election, you don't have to try to figure out which room to go to because we are all consolidated in one spot," said Barger.

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