Madison County Property Transfers: May 26 to June 2

Jun. 28—May 26

—Karl H. Lindahl and Lucy Q. Lindahl to Larry Roe and Lisa Carol Roe, Settlers Trace Subdivision, $335,000

—David Minix and Sarah A. Minix to Ramesh C. Patel and Vesanti Patel, Woods Subdivision, $556,000

—Homer P. Jennings and Valette Jennings to R&R Endeavors, LLC, Tract Madison Co., $350,000

—Donald Anthony Fitzpatrick and Ashley Fitzpatrick to Johnny Marcum and Sandra Marcum, Breezy Point Estates, $239,900

—Brandy B. Allen and Ronald W. Allen, Jr. to Mark Flege, Lot 22 A Plat 25/324, $176,000

—Elizabeth McKenzie and Thomas McKenzie to Wendy Robinson and Devon France, Suncrest Meadows Subdivision, $260,000

—David Pennington to Jacob Dawson Martin and Natalie Pate, Green Meadows Subdivision, $224,900

—Vernon Reed and Janice Reed to Eli S. Lakes, Tract Madison Co., $20,000

—Aaron Cruse Pingleton to Taylor Congleton Golden and Mitchell Thomas Golden, Ashpark Subdivision, $282,500

—Ryan M. Koesters and Stephanie D. Koesters to Wade R. Covington and Andrea R. Covington, Boones Trace Subdivision, $625,000

May 27

—Steven C. Beach and Carolyn S. Beach to Rob Hans Hess and Shanah Rae Marcum, Fountain Park Subdivision, $292,000

—J. T. Barrett Land Holding Company, LLC to Randy Martin O'Neal an Allison O'Neal, Bay Colony Subdivision, $255,000

—Haas & Haas Real Estate, LLC to Rym Cadagan, Lakewood Estate Subdivision, $220,000

—James R. McKinney and Vicki D. McKinney to Rodney Dean Hunt, Tract Highway 52, $329,000

—Robert Hans Hess and Shanah Marcum to Christopher Branden Roberts and Jaime Roberts, Hampton Ridge Subdivision, $289,900

—Carpenter Rental Properties, Inc. to Lester Properties, LLC, Tract Plat 9/76, $651,500

—Teresa Trivette and Glenn Allen Trivette, Jr. to Haas & Haas Real Estate, LLC, Lakewood Estate, $205,000

—Randall McIntosh and Ashley McIntosh to Glenda G. Oliver and Michael Oliver, Tract Madison Co., $85,000

—Leslie A. Gietano and Christopher R. Edwards to Ronald F. Leach and Ashley F. Leach, Quail West Subdivision, $583,000

—Susan Elizabeth Meeks to Kyle Joseph McEvoy, Ballard Point Subdivision, $239,900

—Kentucky Elite Builders, LLC to Clint Taylor Construction, LLC, Ashpark Subdivision, $50,000

—Gilbert R. Mullins to Lacindia Marie King and Joel J. Roberts, Lot 15 Plat 1/35, $140,000

—J.P.M. Management Co., LLC to Charles Combs and Jessica Combs, October Glory @ Golden Leaf, $525,000

—Brianna Hounchell to Larry Smith and Donna Smith, Fairfield Subdivision, $192,500

May 31

—Teresa Thomas Yeary and Eddie W. Yeary to Rebekah Easton Hogg, Tracts Madison Co., $105,000

—Kimberly Marie Gipson as the executor of the Estate of Jacquelyn Young to Travis Stacy and Larry A. Brown, Tract A Plat 22/139, $245,000

—Randall Scott Cain and Kala Michelle Cain to Joshua D. Tucker, Lot 3A Plat 16/66, $165,000

—New Idea Construction & Homes, LLC to A&R Contractors, LLC, Laneybrooke Estates, $105,000

—Brian J. Crispin and Kara Elizabeth Faith Crispin to Karl Burger and Julie Burger, Stanley Powell Subdivision, $140,000

—Rodney Cain and Jennifer Cain to Wanda Ramsey, Ridgehaven Subdivision, $700,000

—Jeffrey Lynn Hatmaker and Merry Hatmaker to Ken Clark and Emily Clark, Tract Madison Co., $45,000

—Tommy Cope Properties. LLC to Joseph F. Guadagna and Jacqueline A. Guadagna, Fincastle Subdivision, $294,900

June 1

—Doll Properties, LLC to Christopher Flannery and Hannah Flannery, Tracts Madison Co., $360,000

—Cathy Moberly and Rodney Moberly to Kara Beth Moberly, Argyll Subdivision, $200,000

—Freedom Property Holdings, LLC to William George Hubert McClenney and April McClenney, Dixie Highway Park Subdivision, $198,000

—Matthew A. Schumacher and Nucharee Schumacher, Estonia Subdivision, $95,000

—Jacob Blevins and Veronica Blevins to Michael D. Glass, Banyan @ Golden Leaf, $186,000

—Edwin Matthewss and Tammy J. Matthews to Sherrie Colegrove, Fincastle Subdivision, $299,000

—Sarah Lynn Rowlett and Robert E. Patterson and Amy Patterson, Central Park Subdivision, $252,500

—KJC Properties, LLC to Jacob Briden, Stoney Creek Subdivision, $219,900

—Steven Allen Johnston and Julie Diana Johnston to Wake Barney and Sue Barney, Boones Trace Subdivision, $540,000

—KJC Properties, LLC to Ashton Corinne Ashcraft and Zacharie Lynn Combs, Stoney Creek Subdivision, $235,400

—Via Vitae Development LLC to Caleb Epperson and Victoria Epperson, Magnolia Pointe Subdivision, $417,286

—Randall G. Harrison and Kimberly J. Harrison to Daniel Gutierrez Librado, Hampton Ridge Subdivision, $250,000

June 2

—The Banyans, LLC to Katie Elisabeth Bonn Durdine and Steven Isaiah Burdine, Banyans @ Goldenleaf Subdivision, $375,000

—The Darlene Smith Trust and the Estate of Darlene Smith to Michael W. King, Tract Madison Co., $135,000

—Mary Ellen Thompson and Joseph M. Rembold to Benjamin L. Slater and Brittany Slater and Benny L. Slater and Karen Slater, Deacon Hills Subdivision, $160,000

—BAD Property Holdings, LLC to Aaron Cruse Pingleton, Janwell Subdivision, $25,000

—Christie C. Cain and Susan W. Alderdice, Highlands Townhomes, Inc., $350,000

—Wanda Murphy to Rebuilt Realty LLC, South Bluegrass Junction Subdivision, $150,000