Madison Police Shooting: What We Know About Officer Matt Kenny's 2007 Incident

The police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager in Madison, Wisconsin, had previously been involved in a fatal shooting, authorities said.

News reports from the time detail how Officer Matt Kenny was not only exonerated from wrongdoing in the 2007 shooting and received the medal of valor the following year for that incident.

Kenny, a 12-year veteran of the Madison Police Department, is now on paid administrative leave as the investigation into the Friday shooting death of 19-year-old Tony Robinson continues.

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The first time Kenny fatally shot someone while on the force came in June 2007 when he and two other officers responded to a 911 call from a man named Ronald Brandon who said that a man was waving a gun around, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

When Brandon, 48, who had been drinking, called 911 to report the man, he failed to mention that he was the person in question or that the gun he was holding was an unloaded pellet gun, police said at the time.

The Wisconsin State Journal reported that Brandon's ex-wife called police at the same time and told the dispatcher that the gun Brandon was waving was an unloaded pellet gun. That information, however, was not relayed to officers in time.

A later report by the newspaper concluded that the ex-wife first mentioned the pellet gun to the dispatcher less than two minutes before Brandon was shot in the head by Kenny, who had not received the message in time.

A search warrant cited by The Capital Times of Madison stated that Kenny told Brandon to drop the gun, but Brandon refused and then pointed his weapon at the officers.

Kenny was the one who fired two shots at Brandon from his rifle -- but all three responding officers were exonerated of wrongdoing, authorities said.

"Officer Kenny was presented with a life and death choice that required him to match the direct threat of lethal force with lethal force," District Attorney Brian Blanchard wrote in a letter obtained by the Wisconsin State Journal that was sent to Madison Police Chief Noble Wray in 2007 during the investigation.

ABC News' request for the police records in the 2007 case are being processed by the Madison Police Department but were not immediately available given the ongoing investigation into Friday's shooting.

When Kenny received the Madison Police Department's Medal of Valor in May 2008, investigators had concluded that the incident was a "suicide by cop," the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

Kenny's actions are back under investigation after he went into an apartment during a search for a suspect who had been yelling and jumping in front of cars, according to 911 calls. The suspect, Robinson, was shot by Kenny inside, according to police. Kenny reportedly sustained undisclosed injuries.

"He' a decorated officer not only for an officer-involved shooting that occurred in 2007 but he also received a life-saving award in 2005," Jim Palmer, executive director of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, told ABC News Saturday.

Kenny will not be speaking out while the investigation is ongoing. Kenny has been placed on paid administrative leave.

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