Madison Township trustees secure assistance to perform review of community's comprehensive zoning plan

Mar. 4—Madison Township's comprehensive zoning plan has been scheduled to receive its first review and update in about 13 years.

That project will take place as the result of a resolution recently approved by trustees. They agreed to ask the Lake County Planning and Community Development Department to look over and freshen up the township comprehensive zoning plan map and text.

That project is long overdue, said township Trustee Kenneth Gauntner Jr.

"Every five to seven years, we're supposed to update our comprehensive zoning plan," he said. "It actually hasn't been done since 2009."

Three years ago, trustees approved a resolution asking the township Zoning Commission to perform that task.

"But they just didn't get the time to do it," Gauntner said.

Last year, Gauntner discussed the township's unmet need with Dave Radachy, who is Lake County's director of planning and community development.

"And he said he'd probably have time (in 2023) to do the review for us and make recommendations," Gauntner said.

At the Feb. 28 trustees meeting, he said he saw Radachy a few weeks earlier at a Lake County Township Association meeting.

"He asked me if we still wanted it done, and we said, 'Yes,' " Gauntner said.

Once Radachy completes the review and offers recommended revisions to the township, Gaunter said trustees will establish a special zoning committee to examine the suggested amendments. That panel will consist of the township's zoning and assistant zoning inspector, along with two members each from the township's Zoning Commission and Zoning Appeals Board.

"They'll review those recommendations from the County Planning and Community Development Department, and then they'll make a recommendation to trustees to re-adopt the comprehensive plan," Gauntner said.