Madonna Defends Parenting Skills Amid Rocco Custody Battle

Madonna and her fifteen-year-old son Rocco have been hitting the headlines since Christmas after it was reported that the teen defied a court order to spend the festive period with his mum in favour of spending time with his dad, Guy Ritchie, in London.

Since then it has been revealed that Rocco and Madge have been at odds for a while, with it all kicking off when the star took her son’s mobile phone away because she felt he wasn’t doing enough homework.

Now Guy is fighting for full custody of his son, with it being claimed that Rocco is in a more “stable and loving” home when living with his dad, step-mother Jacqui Ainsley, and half-siblings, four-year-old Rafael, three-year-old Rivka, and eighteen-month-old Levi.

However, Madonna isn’t taking all of the drama laying down, with the singer taking to her Instagram account to deny reports that she is a bad mother and praise “strong, independent, single, working mums”.

Sharing a photo of herself with Rocco and her other children, nineteen-year-old Lourdes, ten-year-old David, and nine-year-old Mercy, Madge wrote: “Its possible to be an entertainer and a good mother!!! Too bad we don’t live in a society where many encourage strong independent single working moms!

"The next great Frontier! #revolutionoflove continues #rebelheart4ever [sic]”.

It has previously been reported that Rocco finds his mother “too controlling” and that she doesn’t pay him any real attention, with the teenager being fed-up of life on the road with her Rebel Heart world tour.

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