Madonna gives Amy Schumer a lap dance

What's it like to get a lap dance from Madonna? Amy Schumer says a choreographer approached her before she was pulled on stage for it.

Video Transcript

AMY SCHUMER: I was backstage, you know, hanging with some of her team. And a choreographer approached me and was like, OK, so. And I thought it was a joke. I'm like, oh, right, a choreographer is coming over to me. And then, yeah, and then I realized, oh, I'm going on stage with her and I'm getting a lap dance. [LAUGHING]

- You needed a choreographer for that?

AMY SCHUMER: Yeah, believe it or not. I think they just want to make sure that, first of all, there's consent. And also that you're not gonna like freak out.

- Right

AMY SCHUMER: They're really worried because you're on stage at the Garden, you know?