Madonna Responds to Critics of Her Grills: 'I Have Really Ugly Teeth'

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Madonna teeth grills on Jimmy Fallon
Madonna teeth grills on Jimmy Fallon


Madonna's got a new set of birthday grills.

Ahead of the release of her album Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones, Madonna made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday.

The pop icon immediately interrupted host Jimmy Fallon to make a note of her new metal teeth. "I just got these new grills, and if I start lisping will you tell me?" she asked Fallon, 47.

The host responded in awe, saying, "Ooh they're beautiful! I love them."

Madonna then revealed that she actually designed the accessory herself for her 64th birthday. "They're my 'birthday grills,'" she explained. "It's almost my birthday, so I got myself a pair of grills."

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As the interview went on, the "Like a Virgin" singer continued to elaborate on her "mouth jewelry" and the reason behind her long-time love of mouth metal.

"People have a problem with my grills, I don't know why," the Material Girl said to Fallon, who also couldn't understand the grill critics.

"Why? You have been wearing them for a while," he said. To which Madonna replied, "Decades."

She continued, "I just like the way it looks — it's mouth jewelry — and I have really ugly teeth."

While Madonna nearly removed her shining teeth halfway through the interview because she felt like she was lisping, Fallon insisted she keep them in. "No, don't! Leave it, it looks cool!" he told her.

The musician kept her custom-designed grills in for the rest of the interview and even gifted Fallon a shiny accessory of his own — though it wasn't a set of his own grills.

"I've got a present for you," she said, handing over a tiny black rhinestoned Wiederhoeft handbag with a long chain strap and the word "butch" across the front.

Madonna helped put the coin-purse-size bag on Fallon, who proceeded to get out of his seat and show off his sparkly new addition.

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"Watch out, Butch is coming through!" Fallon said to the camera, adding "I love this! I am honored, thank you for this."

Besides rhinestone teeth, the "Vogue" singer wore a fairly casual outfit that subtly paid homage to her signature style. She rocked a basic black tee with "New York" on the front in white letters and a cool pair of blue track pants accented with a white stripe down the side.

As a reference to her iconic '80s looks, Madonna spiced up the basic pieces with a cinched black lace corset and black lace fingerless gloves. The musician, of course, topped the 'fit off with stacks of diamond bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings.

The style star shared that even her son David Banda, 16, gets fashion inspo from his mother.

"He can put on any outfit and look swag as 'you know what,'" Madonna said. "It's really irritating," she joked, adding, "He wears my clothes and looks better in them. He can even wear a dress and look butch."

In addition to Banda, Madonna has five other children, Lourdes Leon, 25, Rocco Ritchie, 21, Mercy James, 16, and Stella and Estere Ciccone, both 9.