Madonna: Vote for the 'Black Muslim in the White House'

Madonna: Vote for the 'Black Muslim in the White House'

On the heels of politicos fully grasping the political leanings of the magical creature known as Nicki Minaj, today we have an odd "real" celebrity endorsement: at her D.C. stop on her MDNA Tour, Madonna told fans on Monday night to vote for "the Black Muslim in the White House" who's "fighting for gay rights." Here's footage of Madonna's "endorsement" (her Obama comments come around the 1:50 mark)

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So yeah. That's odd, right? Thanks to her terrible delivery, it's hard to tell whether Madonna is being sarcastic and mocking people who think Obama is a Muslim (yes people still do) or if Madonna actually believes President Obama is a Muslim (he isn't). Hey, she even confused Politico. "That means there is hope in this country," she said. Add in the mega church-like cheering, and her other reasons to vote for Obama (that Obama is fighting for gay rights)—and three things become apparent in this video: (1) Madonna is endorsing Obama. (2) If Madonna is wrong, no one is going to tell Madonna she's wrong. (3) History class with Madonna would probably be really great.

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