Madrid's cut-down Pride march belies bumper LGBTQ day

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Thousands of people turned out for a pared-down Pride in Madrid on Saturday, with floats and carriages missing because of precautions to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Even with attendance capped at 25,000, the mood was festive, with streets festooned with rainbow-coloured paraphernalia.

The slogan this year: was "Human rights are not negotiable, they are legislated: comprehensive Trans Law now".

It reflected moves to pass a law to allow any Spanish citizen 16 or over to change their registered sex.

The legislation would remove a requirement for applicants to first get medical reports supporting the move. If passed, Spain will become one of very few countries to allow self-determination of gender.

The legislation "expands people's opportunities for happiness", said Irene Montero, a lawmaker from the radical left Podemos party, which is backing the proposed legislation.

"We're making history with Pride 2021," she said.

Podemos is backing the proposed law in the face of reticence from its socialist coalition partners.


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