Magic Mountain vaccine closes, will be replaced by 2 new sites

The COVID-19 vaccination site at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia will close and stop providing the shots on Saturday, but it will be replaced by two new sites.

Video Transcript


- Los Angeles County is closing the mass vaccination website at Six Flags Magic Mountain Today.

- Yeah, the county expected to replace it with two new sites. Eyewitness News reporter Jade Hernandez live outside the park in Valencia with details on all the changes. Hi there, Jade.

JADE HERNANDEZ: Good morning. The roller coaster behind me showed you exactly where I am this morning, Six Flags Magic Mountain. It's been open to the public since April 1st, and it's been a mass vaccination site for months. Today, that site closes, and two more in the county open up this week.

Now, since this site at Magic mountain opened in January, more than 29,000 vaccines have been administered here. It opens this morning for the last time around 8:00. The county wants to shift its resources to community-based sites to increase vaccine accessibility. New sites open tomorrow. Those sites will have the ability to administer up to 2,000 vaccines a day each.

Demand for vaccines is up since LA County made the vaccine available to people 16 and older last week. Health officials released good news about positivity rate in the county. It's the lowest it's been since the pandemic began at 0.9%, but county officials stress, everyone needs to stay vigilant and safe now that warmer weather is here.

PAUL SIMON: The virus in no way respects borders. I mean, it travels person-to-person. And as people travel, there are more opportunities for the virus to spread.

JADE HERNANDEZ: Tomorrow, this is where the sites will be located-- College of the Canyons and Palmdale Oasis Park Recreation Center. These new sites will serve the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley communities. Health officials say the county is on track to have 80% of the population vaccinated by late June. The county expects more than 600,000 doses just next week.