Magnum P.I.'s Perdita Weeks On Her Hopes For Season 5 After Magnum And Higgins' Big Kiss

 Perdia Weeks and Jay Hernandez on Magnum P.I.
Perdia Weeks and Jay Hernandez on Magnum P.I.

It’s been a long time wait, but fans will soon be reunited with Thomas Magnum and co. when Magnum P.I. Season 5 debuts! Following the events of the fourth season finale, many anxiously wondered about some of the show's lingering plot threads, which can now be resolve since NBC saved the CBS procedural from cancellation. One development that viewers surely want to follow up on is the big kiss that Magnum and Juliet Higgins shared in what was almost the series finale. With that smooch in mind, Higgins actor Perdita Weeks opened about her hopes for the upcoming episodes.

In the Season 4 finale, Magnum and Higgins had a massive moment after an emotional and long day. Higgins admitted to having feelings for her colleague, who reciprocated them. Despite worrying about what might happen with their friendship and partnership, the two kissed in what was a moment that fans had been eagerly awaiting up to that point.

In a joint interview with her on-screen partner, Jay Hernandez, Perdita Weeks spoke to TVLine about what can be expected from the upcoming season of Magnum P.I. She also touched on the the long-awaited relationship between her and Hernandez's characters. Weeks got honest about Higgins being the one to make the first move and why she was pleased with that:

I mean, I’m glad that they had her do that. I think it needed to come from her in order for it to happen, because she was always going to be the one who leads with her head, whereas [Thomas] is very much more heart-driven. He is the more naturally emotional or romantic one, while [Juliet] is very stuck in her head and over-analytical.

Magnum and Higgins’ relationship has been built up for quite some time now, so it was only a matter of time before the two took that big step. I can't help with agree with the actress' notion that it was a good idea for Higgins to be the first of the pair to make their feelings known. It was a sweet moment of vulnerability that you can't help but appreciate as a viewer.

Now that Higgins has opened up more with Magnum, Perdita Weeks is hoping that she'll continue to let her guard down in Season 5. The actress went on to explain that series devotees are going to see a different side of the investigator and also explained why this is a massive step for her character:

Going forward, I just hoped that they would soften her, and we’d see more of that as opposed to her being sort of needlessly harsh towards him, which I always perceived as a defense mechanism. She has her walls up. She doesn’t want to get close to somebody, and in fact, she says that a couple of times. She’s scared of falling for him basically because she doesn’t want to get hurt. Now that [the kiss] has happened, you see a softer side of her towards him, specifically going forward.

I'm curious to see just how different Magnum and Higgins are in Season 5 -- not just as individuals but also as a couple. It's certainly true that a romance changes up their dynamics as partners. One can't help but feel a tinge of nervousness when thinking about how they'll handle the perils of dating (and of course, being private investigators) moving forward. However, it should make for compelling TV, and I'm pumped to see both Perdita Weeks and Jay Hernandez tap into different aspects of this lovable pair.

Get answers on Magnum and Higgins’ relationship when the Season 5 premiere of Magnum P.I. airs on Sunday, February 19 at 9 p.m. EST on NBC. New episodes will also be available to stream next day with a Peacock subscription, so make sure you’re signed up! In addition, do yourself a favor and check out CinemaBlend’s 2023 TV schedule for details on other shows hitting the small screen this year.